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Ford V8 (A69-1946). Family history of Monte Groen.

Ford V8 (A69-1946)

Classic cars are often bought for sentimental reasons. For Monte, the family photo of the Ford V8 was the basis for many childhood memories. He could not forget the model and he later wanted to convert that 'infatuation' into the possession of exactly the same model with an identical color from the country of 'Uncle Sam'

By: Dirk de Jong

The lottery ticket came in 1993 when a flawless Ford V8 was offered that made the heart beat faster. Monte was impressed by the condition of the car. Originality has always appealed to him. So the sale was quickly closed.


The Ford V8 is of the type A69, has an eight-cylinder on board of 3917cc and delivers an output of 100 hp. The cruising speed according to the booklet is 80 to 90 km per hour. The retail price of the more than one and a half tons of heavy cars was $ 1.185.


Monte has the complete technical data. And even about a beautiful brochure of the American Ford. It is clear that he has bitten into his (car) hobby, coupled with his desire for perfection ... Due to the family history, the Ford V8 has become dear to him. We admire the owner who has owned the car for 27 years now, and only leaves the garage for special rides from the old-timer club AVC of which he is a member. 

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