Appealing meetings in the north of the Netherlands on 8 April

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Spring is coming and that means that classic lovers and owners can again choose from fun events that are organized in the Netherlands. Classic and young-timer enthusiasts can indulge themselves at two meetings in the north on 8 April. In Leeuwarden, a special meeting takes place between the GTI club and the General Audi Club Netherlands at VW-Audi-Seat-Skoda dealer Bourguignon. And in Leek, Hofman is organizing the first of a series of Cars and Coffee meetings.

Hofman hosts the first Cars and Coffee Leek

We start in Leek. There Hofman Classic and Sportscars holds the first of seven Cars and Coffee Leek editions. The Leekster concept in young timers and classics opens the gates of the showroom and offers participants plenty of space to show cars of all ages and in various configurations. An ideal platform to exchange experiences. Or to make contacts and get inspired by the extensive range of Hofman Classic and Sportscars. We know from experience that these meetings are friendly and accessible and have a hospitable character. The entrance? It is free, as is the freshly brewed coffee. The event starts next Saturday at 10am. You can read more information about this very nice meeting right here.

Audi and VW Golf GTI meeting in Leeuwarden

A meeting is also taking place in Leeuwarden on 8 April. A special, because on the grounds of dealer Bourguignon the Audi and Volkswagen GTI adepts come together. The idea of ​​organizing a meeting together is striking, but less surprising than it seems. It emerged from the idea that owners, enthusiasts and fans of both brands or types were carved out of the same wood, the AACN managed to mention in its announcement. On Saturday 8 April the AACN members take the necessary new and classic Audi's to Leeuwarden. The GTI fans will also take care of the spectacle.

Bourguignon host provides special decoration

Also host and dealer Bourguignon will fill the showroom with special pieces from the private collection, such as a beautiful Ur-quatrro. The expectation is that a beautiful and appealing composition of classic Audis (and also DKWs and Auto Union models) and Volkswagen GTI types will be visible. Participants and other interested parties can also use a free photo shoot. The meeting takes place at Jupiterweg 15 in Leeuwarden and is held from 10.00 hours to 16.00 hours. You will find more information about this special meeting by the way right here.



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