Verkeerd afgelopen: a Cobra in Eerbeek

Hans Theunissen Cobra
It is on the roof and is blue. Rara what is it?
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The AC Cobras are among the most iconic cars in history

The demand for these legendary sports cars was so great from the start that entire tribes in England and America devoted themselves to counterfeiting Cobras. But let's start from the beginning:

In 1953 the British AC presents the Ace. The sports car designed by John Tojeiro clearly borrowed some lines from the Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta. But under the hood is no V12, but a dated two-liter six-in-line with only 100 hp. In 1956, the two-liter Bristol l6 is available at an additional cost. This 130 hp power unit is a further development of the engine of the pre-war BMW 328.

In 1961, AC receives a letter from Caroll Shelby asking AC to build an Ace with a V8. AC wants that, but asks Shelby if he can provide a suitable motor. Shelby first approaches Chevrolet, but they are not waiting for a Corvette competitor with Chevy V8. Ford is interested in the project and has just finished the new 4.3 V8 (260ci) block. That engine is shipped to England, where AC engineers repair the block in the Ace with chassis number CSX2000. The result is amazing, the Cobra is in 100 seconds in 4.3 and has a top speed of almost 250 km / h. These are still top values. In 1962 they were staggering.

Making cobras? Everyone does that!

After all these successes, the construction and delivery of kit cars and replicas really got off to a good start. More than forty companies in England and the USA were carried away by passion and opportunities for profit. Most of them only produced a few kits or cars in their lifetime. And with some kits and the ready-made replicas, the quality was deplorable.

But somewhere, every Cobra, Cobra kit car or replica has ever begun its life with an enthusiast. But just like always, relationships based on passion do not have eternal life. The Cobra that we found had been damaged and had sought it higher afterwards. The damage is on the back right and the man who put the car on his roof must have thought 'What you don't see won't hurt you'. The car is on the Coldenhovense weg in Eerbeek.

Hans Theunissen
It is on the roof and is blue. Rara what is it?


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  1. Have a look at Kirkham Cobra ...
    Hand-built and made of Aluminum.
    Don't discount the Superformance, Factory Five and ERA either.

  2. There was also a company in Zeewolde that supplied kitcar cobras. Once tried to exchange my bike there, but I had to add a lot more than my wallet allowed. But it remains my favorite dream car

    • That's right, that was JPS. I also bought my DAX kit there and built one of the two original Cobra engines (Ford 428CJ, 7 liters). Incredibly fun and beautiful stuff ...

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