Austin-Healey Peerless

Austin-Healey Peerless
The 'face' resembles that of a Jensen 541 / CV8. It is clear that the steering wheel is too large, but is also mounted too high in the carriage
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It is not entirely clear what kind of car we are dealing with here. One party calls it an Austin-Healey Peerless while the other talks about a Peerless Austin-Healey Special. The fact is that the car is built on the chassis of an Austin-Healey 3000 from 9 January 1959.

The British registration certificate states that the chassis number is GT2 00101, but a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.991 ccm, while there really is one from a Vanden Plas Princess R Rolls-Royce six-seater with a capacity of almost 4 liters… and that is linked to automatic gearbox with three gears ... (also from the Princess R). However, 'manual' is stated on the registration certificate, so 'manual gearbox'. It is possible that Peerless drive was used in the first instance. They were with a Triumph TR2 / TR3 engine with just under 2 liters. The - polyester - bodywork has a strong resemblance to that of a Jensen 541 / CV8, whereby - according to the owner, but we have not been able to discover that - some plastic from a Peerless has been added… Rain or snow on the way? Then there is a problem, because neither a linen nor a winter cap 'available'... All in all a strange piece of work, or would anyone have planned to take these cars into production? Who is responsible for something 'special', is - unfortunately - unknown ... 

The 'face' resembles that of a Jensen 541 / CV8. It is clear that the steering wheel is too large, but is also mounted too high in the carriage
It looks attractive from the side. The space behind the front seats seems much too large and also impractical ...
Under the hood the 4 liter Rolls-Royce engine from a Vanden Plas Princess R. The alternator dates from a later date

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