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It is outdated, but I almost always stop for people (M / F or gender neutral) with bad luck. Except for lease knights and princesses. Because they have a structural mobility guarantee.

Bad luck on the road and 'breakdown'

After the turn, someone came out of a squatting position, turned to me and forced a hand upwards. "Stop!" Well, I estimated the chances that an old BMW boxer would be a lease engine quite low. Alongside the unlucky woman, I asked neurally, “Panne?” The lady looked at me questioningly. "Breakdown?" "As in 'pots and pans'?" She was not proverbially blonde but seemed technically handicapped vocabulary.

"It will be the age," I guessed. “Yes, and then back into the kitchen. Little princesses should be waiting for knights on white horses. Not to race around on old motorcycles. ”

It's not what you say, it's how you say it. “Panne is originally from French. Means that a car or engine is broken. ” “How interesting! I am a French teacher! How does 'panne' come from French? “Look, that's how you get talking. “It is a loan word from French, meaning 'forced delay due to engine failure' and was first noted in 1910. It linked to what the French thought was the sound of a blowout: 'Pan !!!' ”

Deferred maintenance

"Fun!" the stranded motorbike beamed. And a 'motarde' is the French version of the American 'biker babe', but more biker and less babe. "But why did he stop?"

The R45 looked neat. “Does it contain gasoline? Are the petrol taps open? ” That was confirmed with a nod. "Did he suddenly stop?" "No. He slowed down. And he stank. ” With the contact on it, the small BMW started obediently. And he kept running neatly at no-load. For an R45, he also responded nicely to the gas. I typed in the jiffy, checked to see if the neutral lamp was on. In an Italian classic, lit or non-lit indicator lights often mean little to nothing. But with a BMW they take their work seriously.

Sometimes Ate brakes do work

Pushing the thing back and forth was difficult. When pushing forward, the boxer first went into the springs. My knees were noticeably slower than if she had come out of a squat. An age thing and the legacy of getting off carelessly a few times. The brake disc was still warm, but had apparently been much hotter. Clear: the front brake stuck. "Didn't that thing ride in a while?" “I inherited it. But didn't have a driver's license yet. I did drive a bit every year on the day of my girlfriend's death. And he did that well. But now I have my driver's license. And this is the first real ride that I make. ”

It is psychic. Or so

I looked calmly at the new-born motorcyclist. “A new driving license is very threatening for such an old motorcycle. It will be psychic. ” I inquired. "Not a donkey would consider that to be true. I don't think men and motorcycles even have a psyche! ” That was a point. At least when it came to men from before 1960. They only use their soft side to sit on.

"You're right. The front brake is stuck. That is usually overdue maintenance. ” The nipple on the claw just came off nicely. A few gloomy drops of retired brake fluid came out. The front wheel turned freely again. “Drive home quietly. Do not use the front brake and make an appointment with a local motorcycle shop. Not at an official BMW dealer because there you tap 100 euros ex VAT per hour. ” The message was clear.

And the again mobile motorcyclist beamed: "I believe that I am going to enjoy motorcycling!"

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  1. Ha
    I know that too.
    Last week, bad luck. A broken universal joint at the guus. In the 2 hours that I stood by the side 2 riders stopped. But a legion ridden with shiny bikes.

    • As Guzzi pilots among themselves: A large or a 'small' Guzzi? With the little one, it seems to be just overdue maintenance. I give my V65 a fresh one at the end of the season through my royal supplier Jan Robers. And stopping is therefore a thing

  2. And some braking systems are eventually put out of action by a tightly swollen brake hose.
    Brake fluid is hygroscopic stuff and that does nasty things. Refreshing in a timely manner keeps the smile on the face of the average motorcyclist (M / V / X). However, the change of brake fluids is still too often the closing item of the budget. All too often I have changed brake fluids from motorcycles, it seemed like some kind of soup eyes were floating on them. The color “Cola” is a striking description of the stuff that has become dangerous.
    Then you only have to hope that you do not have to brake too long, because that will boil with water that is full of water and you squeeze the brake with nothing. Not a nice prospect with the beauty of a bend in sight.

  3. Some motorcyclists (M / V / G) brake with cola, their brake fluid is so dark.
    Guaranteed that the vent hole in the brake cylinder is also silted up.
    Consequence; brakes that do brake, but no longer 'release'.

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