Biological cleaning

biologically degrease
ER Classics Desktop 2022

dirty blocksA longitudinally sawn-through drum with diesel as a sink for parts? That is no longer possible. And you don't have to.

Because there is a serious range of parts sinks. Also in the hobby atmosphere.

But there are quite a few of us who take the hobby atmosphere very seriously - and of course the professionals - and who also realize that working with leaching solvents has their disadvantages compared to our health and environment. And that also applies to professional users.

From that point of view, we looked around to see what the real pros are doing.

biologically degreaseWe ended up at Lamers Reinigingstechniek in Zelhem, a company that specializes in industrial cleaning in the broadest sense of the word. We found the biological parts washbasin there

The biological parts washbasin cleans your parts without the use of an environmentally unfriendly solvent.

The parts washbasin cleans and degreases your parts biologically, and works according to the principle of natural regeneration for efficient and cost-effective degreasing of the parts. The washbasin heats the natural cleaning fluid to the optimum operating temperature of 38⁰C. The built-in sensor ensures that this temperature is maintained continuously. The micro-organisms ensure the breakdown of oils and fats up to 3 kg per week, and they also reduce sludge and odors.
For afterThe microorganisms are added by means of a tablet. This technique ensures that you work properly and that makes working with solvents and cold cleaners a thing of the past.

* You work in optimal hygienic and safe conditions
* Better cleaning result than with solvents and detergents
* Controlled costs for consumer products
* You contribute to the protection of the environment.

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