BMW E30 325i Convertible (1987) by Jan Groen. Parked beauty. 

BMW E30 325i Convertible (1987)
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Everywhere we go we look for interesting oldtimers, classics or youngtimers. We found this BMW E30 325i Cabriolet in the parking position, but we still managed to find the owner Jan Groen for the story behind the BMW.

By: Dirk de Jong

It all started for him with a BMW E21 in 2012, after which passion arose for the old 3-series. Through his daily visits to the BMW E21 forum, he came into contact with other enthusiasts, who also own several classic BMWs, including someone with a BMW E30 325i Cabriolet. That was the beginning of the search for a good, honest open BMW 325i. And that's not easy in a world where a lot of polished rust houses or badly beaten, lowered and spoilered E30s are offered as if they just left the factory. 

Mild form of ecstasy

Jan: “When I saw this BMW for sale, a euphoric feeling went through me. This was the diamond in the rough I was looking for. It took my breath away, what a wonderful basis for my project. What consideration did I have to make to purchase the BMW? Was it the investment? No, it was clearly the beginning of an 'infatuation'.” 

Joy am fahren

The driving pleasure couldn't begin yet. The BMW E30 325i was in good body condition, but the chassis was tired and the engine needed a facelift. No problem at all for Jan, as an employee of an engine overhaul company, the total engine overhaul was started. The 170 hp 2,5 liter m20 6-cylinder engine was completely dismantled and was rebuilt as new. In addition, the chassis, fuel system and interior were addressed and renewed. She is now ready for many years of driving pleasure! 

Friends group of BMW drivers

Once a week there is a regular key evening on the program, where not only tinkering is done, but also friendships are made. There is therefore no question of an official BMW club, but people spontaneously organize rides together. Everyone experiences their hobby in their own way, and there are various types of BMWs within the seasoned group of friends. 


Jan: “What I also like is the search for parts and finding the special options from the years. As a result, you always come into contact with sympathetic people who share the passion and start a conversation because they admire the car. I share the joy I experience with it with everyone.” 

“The car has now been aligned at the best aligner in the Netherlands, in Dokkum. The valuation has taken place and the MOT has been completed. So after a year and a half in which the car has been tackled from top to bottom and front to back, there is one more thing we need. An Indian Summer, to be able to enjoy the convertible as BMW intended!”

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  1. Very nice, especially the completely renewed technology! So congratulations for the work!
    I personally find the old 1600-2 or 2002 that I once had more beautiful in terms of shape, but that is part of taste. Was a bit of a shock when the 3 series came out at the time haha. Now, by the way, with the new grille I really don't like it, I think a grille with too high a look-me-well content.
    By the way, as a student of automotive engineering I tried to buy a 2002 Turbo from someone who drove it at rallies (sometimes you don't think things are possible) which turned out to be not ideal, I think that was around '77. But yes, with a scholarship then that was not really realistic, although the prices were a lot more sympathetic then than now… With 2 fellow students we also went to have a look at a Jensen Interceptor, also so beautiful, but of course the same story. Good times!

  2. I myself have nothing at all with convertibles, but all the more with those great six-cylinder in-line engines from BMW. A motorcycle run to lick your fingers. Therefore a fantastic car!!

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