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“We will stop. It is no longer possible. Everything that we still have now leaves 25% discount. ”It was an answer to the question where the toy department had gone. Presented to the branch manager of the Mazzelshop in Leeuwarden, former mecca for anyone with a preference for realistic toys from Playmobil, Lego, Bruder and Siku. "We are losing the battle of the internet".

The Mazzelshop is a household name. Not only in the field of toys, but also in the field of leisure items, garden furniture, camping items and Weber barbecues. I've been coming there on a regular basis for years. Especially because of the toys. Let's see if the Siku collection has been replenished. To make a choice again from the complete assortment for a modern variant of the broken cars that gave my youth color.

I gladly supplemented toys from my childhood via the Mazzelshop. Image: Erik van Putten
I gladly supplemented toys from my childhood via the Mazzelshop. Image: Erik van Putten

Stopping place
The relevant "Store" has undergone renovations in recent months. It is now almost complete so I decided to take a look. But the toy section - my large habitat - was gone. Home and garden accessories have now taken the place of my small sanctuary. The stopping place, where I recently enjoyed going with my children to spend the money saved by them, has disappeared. The place where I treated myself to a Raupenbagger from Siku, a Zetros in the scale from 1 to 50, a Mini Countryman in the same scale or the new Porsche Macan from the SIKU Super series. The place that now tells me that market sentiment forces retailers to make choices.

Not specified anymore
Recently I noticed that the collection was no longer being lavishly supplemented. That the SIKU rack still contained relics that appeared new in the SIKU guide during the previous decade. This was especially true in the area of ​​passenger cars. The range of agricultural vehicles and trucks was refreshed to a reasonable extent, but nevertheless: the small-format renewal of PKW in Lüdenscheid did not reach the Mazzelshop.

A corner in the warehouse
When I honored the Mazzelshop with a visit on Good Friday, I feared. I was hoping for a modernized toy section. That wish turned into a referral to a corner in the warehouse, where remnants of the once impressive toy stock with 25% discount are offered. Unlit, as a sign of the end of an era. As a sign of another defeat of the retail trade against the digital highway. And above all: as a sign of an end of an era in which I could live my early childhood without worry. Where, as the father of three children, I became a child every time. Fantasizing about the possibilities to put the offer in themes, to find vehicles that match the theme and to fill in the play adventures in advance. And I like that even better than consulting Ebay and Marktplaats, where I only buy used thumbnails. Because I buy collectible models at trade fairs or at specialist stores. For new SIKU, Matchbox and Majorette models I went to the Mazzelshop.

Forced to keep up with the times
The end of the toy section in my beloved store tells me that the boy of 45 has to keep up with the times. And because of that test of time a little less boy and more man must be. Symbolized by a hidden batch of boys' toys in Leeuwarden.

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