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On the way to Olloy
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A motorcycle can break on the way. One person has more talent for this than another. But they can all go wrong. And we have forgotten that massively from Honda's CB750. We think about that for a moment. Because it will be warranty time. And the journey does not have to go to Africa. Cadzand bath is far enough. Or Couvin.

Broken? Make and go!

A BSA broke down the day before the holiday. It was made after working hours. That cost the Friday evening and night. But on Saturday the stuff started. At the height of Liège, the clutch bearing of the Ducati broke down. That was made after a lot of talking with hands and feet at a local metalworker who turned out to be specialized in aircraft engines and spent a good deal of his Saturday working with the Ducati. In Paris was the Triumph without power.

The BSA block started to get noisy. But the engine did it and the trip was halfway. So why would you stop or go back? In the South of France, the Ducati block had to separate. And the BSA block broke down. The Triumph had a flat tire. The way back went better. But it had been a great vacation.

The journey is the goal

If the journey, not the arrival, is the goal, then everything is fun. Even if something breaks. Because while looking for solutions you will meet nice people. Motorcycles that are broken are good for companionship. But you can be prepared for a few things. For example, the Ural was recently prepared for a somewhat longer trip with some old stuff. Of course the machines were properly checked in advance. And despite that 'I am going on a journey and taking a…. along 'with a sidecar is quite clear, a list has nevertheless been made.

I am going on a journey and taking:

An inner tube
A few meters of universal inner and outer cable
An assortment box of barrels for those cables
Some light bulbs
A voltage regulator
A coil
A set of contact points
A capacitor
A few extra spark plugs
An extra float
Two wheel bearings
Some fuses
A few meters of electrical wire
Some AMK plugs and such
A roll of insulation tape
A Ductape roll
Some snake clamps
A handful of tie wraps
A tire pump
A jack
Tire levers
A few liters of 20W50
A set of tools
A first aid box
A fire extinguisher
A towing cable
Some miscellaneous such as a bottle opener
A spray can of WD40
An aerosol brake cleaner
A tube of blue LockTite gasket
A GSM charger that works on board voltage
A first aid box
A bottle of whiskey or some iodine tincture

Especially for help to others

With that stuff there is usually also help to the motorbikes of fellow travelers who do not drive Ural. And most of the time those are the ones who have to rely on stocks. But with old stuff it's always handy to be prepared for some things.

In the past not everything was better

Nowadays, most classics are in a better technical condition than they were in the hands of a few young people who were as poor as church rats. In fact, the only serious breakdown of the old Russian had arisen because a revision company had not done its job properly.

And if something goes wrong, that is not a disaster

Nowadays you can always call someone for help. But if you (together with the traveling companions) know how to solve the problem? Then the story about that action with the years becomes heroic. Because you want to be repatriated with your Mobility Guarantee? That's for wimps.

For those who are getting ready for a trip: a pleasant holiday


Final destination reached
The real hard core riders of course also have a set of cylinders and pistons on board



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  1. 1996 I drove my camper from Hungary into Austria 21: 00 already quite dark grabbed the first parking lot to go to sleep 21: 30 already quite dark anyway, while I got out I saw a BMW motorbike and a rider sitting next to it, I there the rider turned out to have a flat tire and had nothing with him, came from Germany as a motor-driven camper rider had everything with me to take the tire off and stick well and to inflate with a small compressor on the cigarette lighter and 20 min later everything to be mounted in the front fork 23: 30 ready, too late to drive, I got some beer from the fridge and drank it together and had an extra bed for him 01: 00 to bed and 08: 00 we were with a good breakfast back on the road he with z, n bmw and I with my camper, have had long contact where do you still find something like that today !!!

  2. It may be for wimps, but if you are in Tallin (Estonia) and a spring of maybe a quarter of your cam chain tensioner breaks then you still have a problem. Firstly, that nobody has such a spring loose and that you need a new set of chain tensioners that is not in stock anywhere. The fact that your entire block has to be opened for this because pieces of that tensioner are roaming everywhere in your block, is also a bit difficult on the side of the road, and then it is nice that you can find someone who can travel from Estonia to the Netherlands every week drives and wants to bring that bike home for a friend's price. And then I am happy that I can drive home with a size on the back.

  3. The annoying thing about taking a lot of parts is that you usually need that part that you don't have with you. What you have taken with you usually does not go wrong. But only if you don't have it with you.

  4. A roll of iron wire and a combination pliers were often needed to tie back loosely vibrated parts. Plus a can with all kinds of bolts and nuts to replace lost on the way. A piece of electricity wire and some insulation tape for the inevitable failures in the power section. You usually came home with that. Sometimes on the way a new chain also occurred. Almost inconceivable that we now drive to Finland for a week without tools without worrying about whether the engine will make it.

  5. I used to drive with half a trunk full in my DS towards La Douce France ... and of course you didn't need anything ..
    At one point I thought: ".. am not crazy, am I a member of the WW?"
    I actually have the same attitude on my two-wheelers; when the front wheel is turned towards the Ardennes or where-ever I have no space in my limited packing space for parts.
    Moreover, we do not 'do' sweepers.
    Then just a cotton ball on the back of a WW truck back to the stable; if it can't be fixed with a hammer and screwdriver and a healthy dose of technical insight .. aided by a dwindling supply of whiskey (without 'e' Dolf, what real whiskey is scotch ..) .. then go home on a trailer .. soît.

    • 40% is 40%. Cask strength is extra disinfection. The approach is that driving with a sidecar not only combines the disadvantages of driving with those of driving. But you have a lot of storage space. Incidentally, taking parts and tools with you appears to be just as good a means of contraception as taking an umbrella. I hope you keep things intact. And don't forget that umbrella 🙂

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