Driving a sidecar is socially acceptable

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Driving a sidecar is also a profession in itself. And a lot of fun. One aspect of sidecar riding is the social component. There are quite a few sidecar drivers who make quite a few kilometers on an annual basis. They often do this by participating in activities that are for the mentally or physically disabled.

That kind of sidecar rides once started as the 'Jumbo Runs'

But has taken a fairly broad flight. There are quite a few institutions that organize such a sidecar ride on an annual basis. The sidecar M / V riders who participate in it have often done so for years. They know each other and many of the participants now have their 'regular customers'.

The majority of the participating machines consist of traditional tricycles. The 'offer' varies from a satisfied simmering BMW R26 single-pitter to a magisterial of all conceivable and unthinkable bells and whistles with Goldwing.

Collecting is usually done at an institution or on a village or school square. There, there are plenty of volunteers and there is always a couple of police officers (on the 'motorbike') who know how to appreciate such a day much better than a working day on which charges have to be carried to football hooligans.

After setting up and boarding, the column starts

The rides are always plotted through the most peaceful surroundings. And that type of environment is still full - at least outside the Randstad. The string sidecar combinations (and recently also trikes) can be just one kilometer long. And along the route there are - or are - always people who make it a viewing day and who wave massively friendly at the procession. In this way, sidecar times are a socially valuable hobby. Because many passengers have anticipated months in advance and they talk about the 'adventures' on that day months after the ride.

Sidecars are also used regularly with the arrival of Sinterklaas. Because it is no longer self-evident for many Good Saints to step on a hired mold. And apparently quite a few primary schools, there is always a student with the desire to ride in a sidecar. Many ordinary motorcyclists or their partners / children are also quite curious about a ride on a tricycle. And it is up to the rider to judge if the passenger will find it fantasic or deadly scary when the sidecar wheel comes off the ground in a bend to the right.

A great excuse for a good cause

All in all, such a day with a guest on board is of course a great excuse to bring the sidecar out again. Because every excuse is a good excuse. Moreover, you can do even more good work than giving your passenger a top day. It appears that such a column of sidecar combinations full of cheerfully swinging passengers, even without a police escort, apparently is a very good PR for our hobby.

And there you see the subjectivity of the audience

Sidecar drivers are okay

Because when a Dodge Beep recently had starting problems when leaving a ferry, the owner got everything from 'environmental terrorist' to 'war madness'. And that while the last speaker might never have said those words if the classics like the Dodge Beep in 44-45 had not liberated our country from the Nazis. There is too much nagging in this country. While we all have the right to enjoy this country. We don't like shouts so much. But "does sweet" is not unkind.


Bart had the wish to ride in a sidecar


Like in "your best friend"

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  1. When my mother told one of the nurses in her nursing home for her 90e birthday that she was so sorry that she could no longer leave me behind, her conversation partner noted that she knew motorcyclists with a sidecar and wanted a sidecar ride for her to organize. When I was approached with the question what I thought about it, I just had to laugh. We also have enough sidecars in the club ourselves. So a few days later Mom went in the pouring rain in the sidecar of our president. Along the way we stopped once to clean her glasses so she could see where we were driving again. But the broad smile has not disappeared from her face. She even brought the local newspaper with it. It is a pity that I cannot place a photo of her smiling face here, otherwise that photo would have been included

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