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From 1955 to 1985, he walked in many variations and countries. The Fiat 600 branched out as it were to derivatives of Seat, Fiat-Neckar, Zastava, Abarth and numerous bodywork variants from Fiat itself and from various bodybuilders. The Fiat 600 itself underwent the necessary changes from 1955 to the end of production in 1969. This is also the case in 1964, when he said goodbye to suicide doors as 600 D, but retained his rather luxurious trim with lots of chrome trim. We found a very early copy of the series at Nosstalgia in Drachten good mounted.

Egbert Spinder offers a unique 600 D from 1964, and we couldn't resist the temptation to ride old-fashioned and small. This Fiat 600 dates back to an era when even in the small and affordable class a lot of care was given to details and equipment. The trolley looks beautiful, and is characterized by the presence of beautiful floor decoration, lots of chrome, switches and buttons designed with care and love and other ornaments that can withstand the daylight.

Functional and graceful

In addition, the Italians installed an effective heating system and two slots to demist the windscreen. To enable these functions you have to operate thin bars (under the dashboard). That takes some searching, and given the wonderful weather in which we do not need to test the Fiat, but we do want to know what we are talking about. And can therefore also say that there is absolutely nothing to complain about the functionality in the 600 D. This also applies to the indicator lights and the clock shop, which in addition to the speed meter also houses a water temperature meter and a gas meter.

Design harmony and Tipo 100 block

With a little bit of arranging, four people can easily fit into the little Fiat, which also swallows luggage in several ways (and depending on the number of passengers). Also for small items, because a real storage shelf and door bags are not missing. The Fiat also shows design harmony in several respects. The proportions of the 600 and the derivatives built under license have always been fully balanced, and moreover the 600 is very nicely drawn. It is an attractively designed trolley, which, moreover, was fitted with an engine that (in modified form and with different cylinder contents) served in small Fiats until after the millennium change. The water-cooled and speedy four-cylinder Tipo 100 block in the 600 measures 767 cc and generates 29 PK at a small 5.000 speed per minute.

Operate gear with feeling

Driving the 600 D is of course one of the department back in time. But it is fun! You are quickly used to the small pedal distance and the operation of the gearbox, the first of which is not synchronized. It is also important to operate the poker with feeling: fingertips around the buttons and the transmission can be operated with the necessary resistance, but certainly accurately.

Amish work ethic

On the inland roads to the west of Drachten, the 600 shows (especially in three and four) that it has a surprising acceleration curve. When the speed is in the higher regions, the car wants to move forward (in all relativity), you are on 80 a 90 kilometers per hour. That is enough in the Fiat, and that makes it especially suitable for touring in the countryside. The block, by the way, does not miss a beat, and, just like other technical matters, it sounds amazed in the exquisite and lovingly finished Fiat carriage. Hard work is being done by that very strong block and supporting technology to keep the 600 D going. And that works without any problems.

Sturdy chassis, step to the side

The chassis with the transverse leaf spring at the front, which also serves as a stabilizer, also demonstrates the correct form of liveliness. It damps and springs all decisively, and although the Fiat wants to take a step to the side in a few gusts of crosswinds, it certainly feels great - especially on the back roads. The direction of travel can be easily determined via the large steering wheel, which requires no correction from the driver around the middle position. The cart is easy to drive and (again in all relativity). By the way, there are still things that need to be addressed. Egbert Spinder says that the wheel bearings must be replaced and that a set with new seals and gaskets is not a superfluous luxury either.

Extremely cuddly Fiat classic

This Fiat 600 D gets those dots on the i, and he fully deserves it. This 600 D is in excellent condition, and it is also a very early 600 D with hinged doors under the A-pillar. In addition, the 600 is one of the most cuddly Fiats that was built. By Fiat itself, by the licensees. For thirty years, in different capacities, in different parts of the world and in millions. We have noticed once again why the concept was so successful. And why the 600 D is today an ideal classic to be there, away from the highway, to experience genuine fun rides. It is a virtue, and no less than that.

Thanks to Egbert Spinder, Nosstalgia Classics


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