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Fiat 8V Demon Rouge. Stunning design by Michelotti. Built by Vignale.

Fiat 8V Demon Rouge
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You recently read a report about our visit to the National Car Museum in Turin. In the museum we came across a car with a Dutch touch, among others: the Fiat 8V Demon Rouge. “Hey,” you will say, “what is that Dutch touch then?” That is due to the fact that the car was loaned by the Louwman Museum to the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile di Torino. We consider this beautifully designed Red Devil, who shares his technique with an illustrious historic model from Fiat.

The basis of the Michelotti and Vignale teamwork is the Fiat 8V. A car that was built 114 times and served as the basis for multiple themes. The car, fitted with a chassis with independently suspended wheels, was fitted with the Fiat Tipo 104 engine. That power source had a content of 1.997 cc. The volume was divided between 8 cylinders arranged in an 70 degree V angle. The power was sharpened several times from 1952 to 1954. Initially, the power source (with two Weber 36 DCF 3 carburetors) generated 105 HP. Later modifications were applied (such as another cam timing) and that ultimately resulted in a power that increased to 127 PK. The Tipo 104 power source enabled the Fiat 8V models to achieve astronomical performance by the 1950s.

Characteristic design details

The Fiat 8V concept from Fiat's Reparto Carrozzerie Speciali tempted large design houses such as Zagato and Ghia to forge alternatives. Michelotti also designed a beautiful creation, which was built by Vignale. That was the Demon Rouge, which was shown to the public in 1953 during the Turin Auto Show. The design stood out due to the application of the semicircular rear window, which was placed under a continuous roof line. The placement of door handles in the rear roof pillars, a grille with integrated headlights, the lack of bumpers, the placement of the panoramic windscreen and the use of a Plexiglas roof were clear features of this special design, as well as the beautifully designed decorative strips on the flanks. The black-red color scheme made the creation fitting.

In the prices

Michelotti's artwork won the Coppa Campione d'Italia in 1955. The design also won prizes in a competition in the Netherlands. In 2004, the Fiat 8V Demon Rouge was the "Best of Show" in Apeldoorn, which is now regarded as a prestigious and epic center of the classic world once a year.

One of the nicest in Turin

We saw the Fiat 8V Demon Rouge in a real car city. And within its natural habitat, we were completely impressed by this beauty, which was built only three times. We do not yet reveal whether the Demon Rouge was our “Best of Show” at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile di Torino. But we do share with you that this fascinating creation has conquered a spot in our Top five in Turin. And we will publish that selection in one of the next Auto Motor Klassiek expenses.

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