Gedo Victoria from 1953 by Tijsse. Nostalgia for another time.

Gedo Victoria from 1953 by Tijsse. Nostalgia for another time.
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Trading company Geertsma in Dokkum had a strong portion of entrepreneurial spirit. Because they started in the 50s with the production of a bicycle with an auxiliary motor. A means of transport for the common man, fitting in the time when there was a little more prosperity. Over 1400 of the Gedo Victoria were made over the years, of which there are probably five left. And that makes this Tjisse copy quite unique and certainly valuable. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Gedo (Geertsma Dokkum) commissioned Dresco to make a bicycle engine frame from the same thick tube as was used in the pre-war transport bicycles. Geertsma had heard from the market that 70 percent of the frames at Bach in Baarn showed cracks. By using a better frame at the Dokkumer production, there were considerably fewer complaints. It was proof of a good choice and approach. The Victoria block was used for the engine of the Gedo Victoria. And with the further developments, improvements were made later by mounting a model with a telescopic fork. The original picture from Victoria Werke AG from Nürnberg gives even more information. The engine type was the FM 38, built in 1953. 

Fierce Competition

At that time, the competition from Batavus, Sparta and Germaan was already noticeable. So sales of the Gedo Victoria declined. The attempt to conquer the Netherlands by bicycle with an auxiliary engine had thus become difficult. Thus the production came to an end. 

Wonderful world of the key workers

Tjisse is therefore the owner of the Gedo Victoria from 1953 and says: “I am a professional bicycle/moped fixer and got a tip around the 80s that this Gedo Victoria was for sale. The paint was original, but in fact, given the condition, it was just an old moped with little interest. After a few years I completely disassembled the Gedo Victoria and put it back together after cleaning everything. Not a single part was missing. The tires were exhausted, so I couldn't find the right tire size anywhere, but thanks to my business networks, two tires still surfaced. I am proud of the result, great to look at the details of the moped. The original inner tubes are still in the bag, more details that you no longer see.” 

Beautiful eye-catcher

It is now a beautiful example that is rarely used, but it is simply drivable. The motor runs wonderfully. Because every time Tjisse uses his exclusive Gedo Victoria for a village festival or event, he feels the nostalgia of days gone by. 

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  1. In the 50s, my parents both had a normal bicycle with a mosquito auxiliary motor. They ran quite well, but there was no clutch, so at every stop you had to turn the engine off with a de-compressor. And then kick again.
    As a 13-year-old I used to secretly drive it. That's how the motorcycle bug started!

  2. One word: “Beautiful” !
    From that time I only know the construction set with the 18cc (later still 23cc) self-igniting Lohmann auxiliary engine. Not so unique, but just as special. Especially because it was a detoner diesel. However, after firing, you should not forget to take back the variable compression increased before the start with a turn of the handle, because then you wouldn't have it long 😬

    • I have a Lohmann and that driving is very sensitive. Constantly listening and adjusting. Adjust the speed with the dripper and the compression in such a way that the engine runs perfectly (a nice combustion with as little compression as possible). If not good: 4 branches or stop. It's more like being an operator than driving. And: get used to the noise. It's not for nothing that the German calls it: Nerven saga. (Nerve saw)!

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