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In recent weeks, 50 shades of gray have prevailed outside. It rained. For days. It was not really cold, but uncomfortably wet. Now it is cold. Wet snow is expected. It looks like it will stay that way for a while. In short: great weather to buy a convertible or let it be a convertible.

Pick the right time

Because it is just like the people who wait until an Elfstedentocht (who remembers another one?) Until they go to buy skates. They miss out or pay the top prize. In short: this is perfect weather to score an open classic!

The common problem areas and more

Of course, the overall condition of the car is an important first impression. Then it is useful to reflect on the fact that a convertible is often a sedan without a roof. That roof is - especially with this weather - a thing not to be underestimated. It keeps the occupants dry and gives the body some serious stiffness. So make sure that the doors close properly and that the panel seams are nicely parallel. On a sleek garage floor, that can give an even more flattering image. If you add torsion to the whole by putting a wheel on a serious curb, then the car should not 'wiggle'.

The hood itself must be intact and not too old

An patch in the plane of the roof does not necessarily mean that an otherwise neat convertible top is completely at its end. That 'patchwork' comes under cheap repairs after a young neo-liberal cut a square in the roof to open the door in order to maintain his strict purchasing policy. But the material of the cover itself is a structural part of the cohesion of the whole construction and must not have lost any of its cohesive strength.

The hood must of course open and close properly and smoothly

And what is good and smooth closing? There are serious differences of opinion about this between owners of an MG MGB and a Saab or Mercedes-Benz convertible. With old-school convertibles, it is not uncommon that there are some gaps between the hood and the body on the left and right.
The degree of density is very important for the wind noise that occurs when the hood is closed. The water resistance varies from 'moderate' to 'perfect'. And that watertightness is important, not only for the comfort of the occupants, but also for the well-being of the body. Because if the floor covering is wet, then that state of affairs is ideal for rust formation. The Texan sun does ugly things with the plastic parts of the interior.

Those Americans!

We often see this with American convertibles, the 'convertibles'. Americans are a careless people. If they don't park their convertibles with the engine running and air conditioning blaring while shopping in the local mall, they just leave it open outside during rain showers. And ultimately that results in serious rust problems under the cladding and panels. The plastic rear window of a convertible must be clear and scratch and 'break' free. Incidentally, having a new window installed is an option. Just like buying a new hood. For both actions it is expressly the case that it actually only goes well in consultation or collaboration with a specialist.

Ideal convertible test weather

But as said: Buying another convertible with this is great. The price will be more negotiable than in May, and it is ideal weather to test the hood for water resistance during the test drive.

The enemies in the States: moisture and UV

Real bulls do it like this!

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  1. The most wise advice I received when purchasing the 2CV: Never go through the car wash and always bring a pipe wrench plus curtain rod and hammer for any repairs.

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