Hardenberg motorcycle fair

Hardenberg motorcycle fair
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What once started as an idea at motorcycle club De Gasschoeve has become a solid revenue model for that club: The now semi-annual motorcycle fair Hardenberg.

This Saturday it will be that time again: The Hardenberg motorcycle fair

The unique Hardenberg motorcycle fair has been characterized by its 'regional offering' over the years. In the meantime, the market has been 'discovered' by professional providers who also want to take the chance. This sometimes results in a somewhat unbalanced supply when a couple of traders apparently have bought a large container of cheap Chinese tools together.

And sometimes it seems that the entire north-east of the Netherlands pulled the old mopeds out of the shed. But it can also be that coincidence brings four Suzuki T500s and a set of engine blocks plus separate parts together on the Hardenberg site. A few Hardenbergs ago, four Honda CB450 DOHC machines were distributed throughout the site. And two of them seemed quite a lot.

On a personal basis: Sometimes Hardenberg does not offer much or too much of the same. But sometimes you will find gems. Or gold.

Hardenberg is always well visited

The range is generally good, the mood is good, parking is free on tracts of pasture and in the rain there are always some tractors on hand to drag visitors back onto the asphalt. The stock market opens at 0800 hours, and then it is urgent for the die hards. The case is definitively over at 1600 hour. But usually you can shoot a cannon on the site for an hour there.

The idea has its limitations

Those early opening and closing times are reasons the fair does not attract audiences from all over the country. Because let's face it: Hardenberg is emotionally closer to Moscow than to Blaricum. Think of Zwolle, Coevorden and further… From the Randstad you will quickly lose four hours of travel time to walk on spec on a meadow where you might not find anything. Googling is more effective.

"But in Hardenberg and so they probably don't have Internet"

So it can't be important. I buy on Marktplaats or ebay ”. In any case, those keen buyers miss the chance to score a hamburger with onions and a bowl of fries on the spot. And there are some Westerners who do not like it when they end up in an environment where a large part of the visitors communicate in dialect. We saw it for ourselves: They just look out of place, only in terms of clothing and behavior. And in the eyes of an exhibitor who had clearly made the long journey to Hardenberg, we saw despair. The man on the other side of his display spoke in local dialect and apparently found it too much or too difficult to start speaking ABN. And the westerner really didn't understand the story the local was trying to communicate. The attempts at understanding were further complicated by the fact that the man who wanted to know things did not insist on 'seeing flat talk', but he had also left his teeth at home. And he continued to eat his hamburger with onion and ketchup during the conversation.

Tomorrow it's Hardenberg again

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