Hey. Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Interior Mercedes-Benz A-Class interior

A winged term marks the next step from Mercedes-Benz. The interactive future of Das Haus is within reach. All communication options find a place under an umbrella with the MBUX imprint. One of the features that the ultramodern system offers is "Hey Mercedes" voice control. The car talks to you. And you by car. Everything is possible. Everything? Almost everything.

Various Mercedes models have been equipped with digital dashboards for some time. State of the art. Swiping seems to have been invented by Mercedes-Benz. An unwanted option is swept away. Next please. Like Tinder. Ultimately well-displayed displays tell you what choice you are making in slick graphics. A choice from a multitude of alternatives, because the possibilities of the lavishly equipped dashboard are countless. Dashboards in contemporary Benzen are synonymous with visible crowds in premium format. Today they even find their way in the new G-Class, traditionally a workhorse.

Next Level 2.0

Now there is the new A-Class, which actually offers all the space for the MBUX legend. System introduced separately from the car now and in the future. Fully digital dashboards, an endless range of communication options and interaction between car and driver. Mercedes-Benz User Xperience, abbreviated MBUX, represents the newest of the newest. Mercedes carries out "your wish is my command" next level. A next level that becomes 2.0, when the young buyer is willing to make an additional in-depth investment. Because Mercedes-Benz is not crazy. The earnings model is also at the basis of the modern communication system. And the target group wants to be up to date and as complete as possible. So MBUX offers expansion possibilities. To exclude any unanswered question.

Sharp edge not important

Young man with career perspective. Very self-aware. Individual. That is what it is all for. He is less concerned about a B-pillar with cheaper material. Or a sharp edge on the center console. Or the slightly emerging scent of plastic, which very slowly directs the pleasant upholstery towards history books. “When I drive, I don't pay attention to the b-pillar, but to the road. And on the route that MBUX has determined for me, "You hear the millennial say so. Self-assured Benz driver, but he or she has never heard of a Reiserechner.

Hey Mercedes, bring me to….

The young adult with ambition has the future. And adjust the star status of his car with added commands. Just like in the movie, which is called commercial. "Hey Mercedes, the best Sushi restaurant." "Hey Mercedes, take me to The Wall". "Think of an alternative traffic-free route to Ischgl." "Hey Mercedes, move like Jagger." "Climate 19 degrees left and 20 degrees right". "Ziggo Dome". "Oldest hotel in Bruges." "To the address of the appointment at 14.00 hour." "Good coffee." "Spotify a playlist with seventies music." Everything is possible. Although ... seventies? "Make cars like before." "Ask your question again." "Hey Mercedes, make cars like before."

The system is faltering. It hesitates. Thinks. Then suddenly there is an answer. "Hey. Driver. There is no way back. "I told you. Not everything is possible.

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  1. Well… you would be wrong! After Hey Siri and Google talk now also an MB that wants to talk to you? Don't have to think about it! When I see what is driving around here in the more expensive MB series, I don't want to hear or know what the car has to say!
    But in that case I would like the reverse option: not to communicate but to record that conversation.
    And to think that the hermandad will soon also be using the MB-B. Phew!

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