Ural: "I have problems with your ex" and a party

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Last Saturday, Richard Busweiler from Genemuiden held a party for his customers. Of course it all remains hobbie in the margins, but starting from a rejected sea container with a trade in old Russian motorcycles about fifteen years later - still as 'activity on the side', because Richard has a neat job - a move (via a second container, half a hall and another hall) to celebrate in a neat business hall in a business complex, that is worth a party.

Pastries and a tap

The atmosphere in that classic world where investors have not yet ruined the market for enthusiasts can best be captured in a year: '1960'. The motorcycle world as it was then. Small scale. Randstad people might even say 'old-fashioned' or 'authentic', with people who do not go for status and prestige. People who also tinker. Endearing. I also met the man who was assigned to me as the previous owner of my current (the third in 25 year) Russian tricycle. That is an Ural with some start-up problems. But although Russian classics are not as bad as proclaimed, start-up problems after purchase are just something you have to learn to live with. And as you get to know each other better, the relationship strengthens. Often at least ...

Relationships are tricky business

I approached the ex owner of my Ural and kindly informed him that I had had problems with his ex. Nowadays emo TV programs are made about problems with exes. The former owner of my Ural made the link directly to that sector and reacted very cautiously. Until I told him it was about his former Ural. In the meantime I know a lot more about his ex. But that doesn't hurt the relationship between me and the Russian. After all, I also have a past. That relationship still needs to grow. But it is already going well.

You have to get to know each other

When you get to know each other, you sometimes come up with surprises. Because the Russian twins are thermally less healthy than you might think, there are carter pans XXL for sale. Then you get a large and heavy aluminum feeder for little money. Such a thing had to come. You simply bolt that where the flat pan was. So it has to be removed first. And then you see that your new, proud possession indeed has a past that you knew nothing about. And whether you want to get to know that past completely?

Treasures from the crankcase

All the keys started replacing the cylinders and pistons. The case there in the greasy darkness had gone wrong because the pistons were mounted 'wrongly' and the piston rings on the guess. With new, Polish aluminum cylinders, the business had to run considerably cooler. In the old sump I found an M8 nut with fine thread, a key and a piece of thread like the broken end of a pop nail. The nut is one like on the studs of the carburetor attachment. The pop rivet will just get lost. But that key?

This story was about Russian free-range animals

But in our classic world there are many more such micro cosmos. They are small islands of peace and perspective in an increasingly crazier world. You get to know small-scale thinking and helpfulness, even companionship in a way that used to be more common in the past.

I was a little dreamy looking at a machine that really appealed to me. Richard's father stood next to me. I told him: “I am in love with that thing. My father is dead. But what would you recommend if you were my father? "Busweiler senior gave me a mild look and said," I would say you just have to keep saving. "Look, that's a clear sales strategy ...

In that context it also fits that no bikes are sold to hipsters with fiercely exuberantly trimmed beards. They give the wrong answer to the question "Can you tinker?"

So I think we are a classic fan with ourselves. So let's cherish our passion.

A bowl of unpeeled peanuts
A bowl with ... Well: Past

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