The Honda CB450 S. From class bike to classic

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The Honda CB450 S. From class bike to classic

Just over the edge of the second half of the eighties of the last century. Does that sound classic enough?

The Honda CB 450 S was put on the market in 1986 as a 'street fighter', but was best known for its wide commitment as a… Lesmotor. Because in 1986, motorcycles with a cylinder capacity that in the Netherlands were often regarded as the lower limit of the 'heavy' segment were often looked down on in the Netherlands.

The CB 450 S. Unjustly misunderstood

This did and does not do justice to these Hondas and their counterparts with comparable stroke volumes. Because an 450 person is an easy-to-handle machine with versatile uses. And even sporty riders can have great fun with it.

Civilized power

Even by the standards of the eighties, a power of 43,5 hp was not wildly impressive. But it was and still is enough to be able to travel with it very smoothly and mercury. And that does not only apply to the nicest secondary roads, ok on boring highways such a Honda CB 450 S is still doing fine. Moreover, the flexible engine block of the twin also lends itself to nice and quiet fiddling around. Consider the consumption of something from 1 to 18. That is not too bad.

Typical Honda

In use, the Honda is typical ... Well: a Honda. You step on it. Everything is in the places where you would have thought it up yourself. You start and drive away as if you were born on the 450. He has enough power e is agile enough to be the fastest in the city. It has power, comfort and driving characteristics and stability, which makes it a nice driving touring motor. The slightly bent seat position is active but relaxed. And after a ride of a few hours you don't get off the Honda broken. With 80 cm the seat height is not the lowest, but because of the narrow buddy at the front, somewhat shorter sawn-off M / V riders can still do well with their feet on the ground. For longer journeys, the rg is useful if the passengers are slim rather than full. The buddy is not extremely spacious.

Good technique

The engine blocks of these Honda twins are approximately bulletproof. They are equipped with a chain driven balancer shaft whose tension must be checked during maintenance. That chain usually has to be adjusted once more at about 40.000. At that mileage there is usually also some oil consumption. Rattling noises are usually not caused by the turning work, but due to loose baffles in the mufflers. The bicycle part, the handling, is greatly influenced by the adjustment of the steering head bearings. The spring characteristics can be improved by internally cleaning the front fork and refilling the fork legs with SAE15 oil.

No negatives at all?

The only real downside to these Hondas is the operation of the rear spring elements. That stop (t) and already smooth with dampening. But thanks to Hagon, that problem can be solved effectively and inexpensively.

What to look at?

In terms of price, these Hondas are low in the tree. But the range is reasonable, so find the best. Copies with many kilometers on it and (repaired) damage probably have a driving school history. Leave those types of copies.


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