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We receive a lot of news messages. We select whether these are important for AMK readers and then work through the stack of remaining copies.

There are masterpieces from 8 pages plus photo attachments, which is sometimes something concise as: “Date, place, moped fair. Free access".

The contributor of the news item in book form was genuinely angry when he noticed that his work had not been published in full. He had put so much effort into it! The organizer of the moped fair in the stable emailed his fair, partly by mentioning it Auto Motor Klassiek had become a success.

The press release from Margré Meijer about her great (car) love, and the book she had made about it, that was a crystal clear press release according to the booklet. So we reported about, Ma Petite ', a hardcover book with stories about 2CVs and their m / f owners with a smile. You can order it by the way Nl

But this press release had a tail. Through a duck lover we ended up at the party that Margré held in honor of the presentation of her book Ma Petite. There were also all Duck lovers she had interviewed in the book, plus most of the Ducks from her book. And - let's say - a busload of invited guests, a nice part of which had withstood the harsh weather conditions per Duck.

The location, “De metal Cathedral” in De Meern in Utrecht, was a fantastic, Duck-worthy setting for the presentation. It is an unlikely location in the silted heart of the Randstad. A kind of surreal oasis on a very muddy soil during our visit.

And the duck owners also came into their own. Because as it should, every brand and every type of car attracts its own circle of enthusiasts. And duck lovers belong to the heart-conquering species.

From a radiant blonde who had her Duck for 24 for years and who had the red car sprayed yellow years ago because there were five other red Ducks nearby, to the couple who had used their Duck for a world trip. We have to think again about the 2CV that was converted to an 100% E-drive. Garagist Philip van der Velde with his impressive dimensions is a man who puts on his 2CV instead of stepping into it and the fact that the youngest 2CV owner in the Netherlands is only 10 years old, we also caught up with that.

The age of the other people present also proved that the love for classics is not just for Baby Boomers.

Author Margré's own love for Ducks was not even caused by her work as a stewardess who has to deal with winged things on a daily basis, but grew out of tenderness. And she hopes that she and her current 2CV can stay together for a long time to enjoy life.

This party was a textbook example of how pleasant people can get along with each other if they share their passion and treat each other with respect and tolerance. Perhaps we should all organize this type of small scale together more often. It would make the world a friendlier place. We classic fans should save the world.

If you want to taste some of the atmosphere of that afternoon in the Meern, you can send an email to Then you get a set of photos per Wetransfer. Nl


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