Jaguar S-Type buying tips

Jaguar S-Type
No matter how attractively priced, leave it alone ... 

The Jaguar S-Type introduced in 1999 now reaches the status of enthusiastic car. More than 15 years old, such a Jag can be seen as a potentially interesting youngtimer. The low purchase price can make many decide to take a chance? We have some tips for you to make the intended pleasure not a drama.

Points of attention

Such a Jaguar S-Type can - just like all other 'tin' cars - rust terribly. Inspection of the floor panels is recommended in the early vintages. This time we would like to draw your attention to the technical side. The engines of the petrol models are extremely strong and reliable as long as the oil change - and filter - has been carried out in accordance with the instructions. The same applies to the gearbox. With the diesel version it is known that the oil cooler can lead to problems and therefore the gearbox can give up. The oil cooler costs a small 800 euro, the gearbox about four mille ... In such cases, the Old Iron specialist remains. As for the diesel version, the later models have to contend with problems with the oil filter and that means (expensive) engine damage. A diesel also needs engine oil change on time. Too much oil in the engine leads to drama, a 'crushed' engine. The electrical part seems to continue to work without any problems, except in the front part from the lighting. It is also sensible to replace the battery immediately at the time of purchase with one from a reputable brand (if that has not already been done), because that can prevent many problems.

What does a good Jaguar S-Type cost?

What does a good Jaguar S-Type cost? One with an 3 liter V6 can already be purchased for 1.000 to 1.250 euros; the V8 is much sought after and is slightly more expensive. The fastest version, the R version, requires around four billion from your piggy bank. The best S-Types date from after 2002. In all cases it is very important that there is a demonstrable maintenance history on the table ..., before the sale is concluded.

No matter how attractively priced, leave it alone ...

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