Citroën BX (1982-1994). Hydraulique for a good price

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Because there is an internal company here Citroën BX enthusiast / v rides we have previously given attention to these 'hydrauliques'. And of course also because a good BX is a fantastically comfortable, stylish car.

Intended for another

Her first one Citroën BX was purchased from a garage mechanic who actually intended the car for his wife and cost 1.750 guilders. He was bought and taken 'home' on the day the intended owner had done her driving test… She had failed. The second came into the picture when the first got tired. A friendly garage mechanic called with the question: “Is your wife still driving? Citroën BX? I have four hubcaps for such a thing. But there is still one Citroën in between. ”The car was almost perfect and cost 500 guilders. He had belonged to an old lady where another garage mechanic saw a business model. The neo-liberal entrepreneur had presented the old lady with a cost of 2.000 guilders and said she had to buy a new car. The old lady had the Citroën So I gave BX to the garage mechanic who had called me again for nothing. And she immediately bought her new car from that friendly garage mechanic.

A BX for three hundred guilders

Then the time came for you to get a 300 guilder one Citroën BX bought and threw the thing away if there was anything else wrong with the tire pressure or a full ashtray. In the meantime, the biggest slaughter is over. There was a time when the local car demolition 5 Citroën BXsen per week slaughtered. But it is a long time ago. The production of gasoline Citroën BXsen stopped in 1992. The last diesel ran in 1994 off the line.

Leaking & rusting

And then it starts to count that the hydraulics do not have eternal life and that in the meantime there are gaps in the parts supply (while in the nineties you could simply buy all kinds of parts in French supermarkets). And a Citroën BX with 400.000 on the counter can still be very good. But it remains a bit of a chance card. Working on a BX can be quite challenging. And in the case of working on pipework and / or hydraulics, the working hours can be pretty good.

Roest is also no unknown enemy for the Citroën. And whether they will soon become top enthusiastic cars? That is too late for the Berben garage in Ulft, which closed its doors last week. From the garage mechanic's point of view, it must be sought from enthusiasts / family businesses such as the Hesselink garage in the distant Dirksland. And even there it is not yet a storm on the BXsen for sale.


In the meantime, such is Citroën BX, certainly the good civil 1400 model, that 1 can run on 15, a great means of transport. In his time it was the entry model, the ideal car for dynamic young representatives and economical calculating private drivers. There was such a - white - 1400 in the lease Citroën BX the cheapest player on the market. In the tests from the introduction time it appeared that the men's car journalists used the 1400 cc Citroën BX found it very much an entry-level model. For them, the real thing started Citroën feeling from the 1600 cc Citroën BX. We have known of the diesels that ran well over the 600.000 km. Smoothly.

Nobody knows what the future will bring. But currently BXsen are still firmly undervalued. For the really beautiful ones - and we mean the exceptionally beautiful and good ones - serious prizes are now being asked. Rightly so. But that still doesn't make them 'expensive'. But one Citroën Buying BX can be a bit like pulling a chance card. Because again: repairs to the hydraulic system are expensive - if you do not do them yourself.

There is a pleasantly readable bible from the Revue Technique Automobile series, publisher ETAI; Citroën Citroën BX 14 essence. It is of course in French.

The photo model is - together with a few other peers - in Dirksland, near the Hesselink garage.

Citroën BX
Practical ...
Citroën BX
A matter of trust
Citroën BX
And that is a GTI that still commutes regularly between the Netherlands and Austria



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  1. Friend started with a BX 14 Leader, which was soon followed by a BX 16 TRI. Car felt a bit flimsy with doors that closed with a 'faded' sound and with controls that seemed to come from Fisher Price's sleeve, but the thing ran 185 and z (w / o) ever crossing the Autoroutes with 170 the rule rather than the exception. The owner did not spare her; when the car was finally allowed to go to the car heaven, there was more than 380k on the counter, I think. A bit of a BX mechanic could be recognized by his open hands as the angled block with its aggregates were assembled terribly close together.

  2. Especially the last years of construction are not the best; the post-90 models are more affected by the metal processionary caterpillar than the older ones.
    Look closely at subframes, because they die next to trunk bottoms first.
    Boxes are wonderful cars if they have had a loving owner, but they were often disposable cars.
    It's a shame… but that's how many cars go

    • I owned an 92 er BX Deauville. Drove great and he did rust too. Unfortunately, a total loss after an unexpected slip party.
      Car slope down and upside down in the water. This gave me and my daughter a traumatic experience. This put an end to the joys and sorrows of 15 year BX driving. A pity. Still think it's a nice car!

    • BXs (Without the 's' in between Hr. Peeters!) Are and will always be a car that I will have a soft spot for….

      My first own car was (unfortunately) a red BX14RE from 1986 after the facelift (so with the 'big' front indicators)

      It got it from my father who paid 1,500 Goeie Ouwe Guldens for it at a local 'hobby / beungaragist' (J. Boot in W'veer for the Zaankanters among us!;)).

      Now I can tinker with 'everything that rolls and / or floats' etc. but….

      Within 6 months I had a bill of 1,200, - Gulden for all kinds of repairs to the suspension system, including the infamous 'spin' etc.

      After that I drove it around for a while (without any problems) and eventually I sold it for only 900, - Gulden and switched to…

      A 350 Mercedes 8SE V1973 with a thick LPG tank ...

      That was (sorry Citroën!) even more comfortable than my BIX !! 😉

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