Martaré is back!

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When you hear that, you fold back in your chair. Martaré! Back! Finally! Or maybe you think "Never heard of it"? Maybe a seventies audio manufacturer? Well no. But there was music in the brand: The pleasantly characteristic hum of a VW boxer. And Martaré was a Dutch brand.

So Martaré

Ed Martaré from Amsterdam was a visual artist and ran a polyester chef in Aalsmeer. He also had a thing for cars and saw the light in 1968 when he became acquainted with the buggy and kitcar phenomenon. In Amsterdam, that virus was also picked up by the Ruska family. But where the Ruskas built up a whole buggy empire, Martaré's remained very scarce. All in all, about eight would have been made. In the early phase, Martaré's were equipped with Fiat technology. 'Later' Martaré opted for the more obvious solution: He opted for a VW chassis and engine.

Hardtops for Spiders

In an earlier phase, he made a nice hardtop for Fiat 850 Spider. 'In production' there were two types of Martaré GT, and the difference between the models was mainly in the doors. In one version, the entire roof folded forward. The other model has gull-wing doors, which takes a less serpentine approach early for boarding.
There are - or were - Martaré's with a Bonito / Ford GT40 look. But there was also one - or two - that were inspired by the Thurner kitcar.
The cars drew attention. For example, a yellow, or 'the yellow' Martaré, appeared in the legendary periodical 'De Lach', a weekly magazine that contained more exciting things. De Lach was, together with 'de Piccolo', a Dutch 'weekly magazine for men' that appeared from 1924 to 1972.

Naughty ladies, cool cars

The magazine contained many photos of scantily clad female movie stars in bathing suits, bikinis, etc., very daring for that time, especially in the early days. The magazine took its name from the many humorous pages of jokes and cartoons, and also contained stories. However, the interest of the readers went mainly to the ladies in bikini. The magazine was for sale in newsstands and was at the hairdresser's. It was mainly about covered eroticism. Only in the last years of the magazine more photos appeared of completely undressed ladies. The stories had little to no pornography, but could be called 'naughty'. And oh yes: there were also interesting cars in it. The last issue was published in 1972. And one of the last songs featured Martaré.

Martaré is back!

A while ago, in 2011 or thereabouts, Yuri Martaré (Ed's son) offered the molds & rights to the model for sale. Some detective work showed that he had been doing this since 2006. And now there is a Facebook site. There it says @ MartareSportsCars-Autofabrikant. That sounds pretty serious.

In the meantime, a production of 'about eight' in kitcar land is quite an achievement. And who knows what is yet to come. We are now in contact and will soon be visiting Laag Soeren.

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Martare GT

Photos: Martare Sport Cars




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  1. If you wait another 50 years it will certainly be a hit or VW beetles are now worth a dozen times over, so that the few martares that are there will serve as donors.

  2. the car in that form can be put in front of the door !! Saves a beetle on the road 🙂
    (for mr van Driel).
    the ladies can stay at home.
    And then just hope that I fit in with 1,96m. (goes fine in a Duck by the way. only the low windscreen is a pity at the traffic light).
    By the way, I once saw a movie where an engine was built from a Duck was made. Don't know if he drove just as well is a long time ago.

  3. Are you curious how they will do that? shortened VW chassis are no longer allowed, so manufacture something yourself? or modify the mold for one? like Formosa does? ( Triumph) Manufacturing something yourself, as with the first Matare with gull-wing doors and tubular chassis, is not really feasible, crash tests etc .. the start-up costs are far too high. The new legislation has made all of this much more expensive.
    The Burton side with 2cv doesn't seem like something for a sports car 🙂

  4. Personally I am not more of the 2 and 3-wheel side, but I can appreciate some 4-wheelers and this is one of them.
    That someone dares to do this and puts a very idiosyncratic model on the market; very handsome.

      • I think Spyker is already defunct.
        Born is of course also a kind of Dutch product.
        But what about Donkervoort?
        Alive and kicking.

        I think the Martare's are quite beautiful cars.
        And that it costs a Beetle?
        Oh well, there was a lot of original driving around, basically the same as with Burtonj.
        Apparently a manufacturer is allowed to improve, renew, “facelift” and evolve a model, but if someone else does that it is apparently suddenly sacrilege or something.

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