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Motorcycling is a four-season sport

Here at the editors we already have fun about a few beautiful Winter Rides. And of course we hope that it snowed nicely at the Elefantentreffen.

To keep winter motorcycling on classic motorcycles fun, modern motorcycle clothing, no matter how perfect these days, is 'not done' for the real die hards.

With a styling and with color schemes from Star Wars or Disney film, real drivers don't have much.

But luckily there is the Scandinavian top brand with the friendly name 'Rukka', a term that gets a completely different meaning on its flat The Hague, as in “A rukkah in a hiker's cabin”. These hikers' cabins are also prime locations for winter nights.

Back to Rukka, the clothing:

Rukka introduces its new top line: the Premium. A laminate suit with only the best high-tech material. And the best thing is: the clothing is cheerfully black, with only civilized lines of reflection

The outer layer is provided with high-quality elastic Gore-Tex 3-layer laminate, a wind and waterproof material that, thanks to its elastic properties, is very comfortable to wear and ensures an excellent fit. Thanks to adjustment options on the sleeves, in the waist and on the hips, the outfit can be perfectly adjusted. The jacket also has (lockable) ventilation openings on the front and back.

Elephant meeting
... that is confusing for some people

The Premium features a removable Gore-Tex laminate stretch storm collar and a removable thermal lining in both the jacket and pants. These thermo liners are also equipped with thermo-regulating Outlast.

The pants are equipped with the Rukka Antiglide-Keprotec system to prevent slipping on the saddle. The Rukka AirCushion System provides extra seating comfort. The suit is fully equipped with revolutionary CE-approved Rukka D3O Air protectors, including a level 2 approved back protector.

AquaSeal closure
The jacket is provided with a special waterproof AquaSeal closure from YKK, which makes an overlap unnecessary.

Prices and sizes
Rukka Premium_jacketThe Premium is available in sizes 46 to 62 - in black with yellow or orange striping. The jacket costs € 1.199,00, the pants costs € 899 (including VAT). Rukka clothing is exclusively available through the Rukka dealer, which you can find on

Also check out 'Like' Hoco Parts and stay up to date with the latest news!

Oh yes: Also a topper for winter driving: The Husky thermo overall from Difi

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