Morris Minor 1000 from 1961 by Rein. English solidity.

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Why especially a Morris Minor as a classic? Other classic English cars also have good features and maybe just as much comfort and space. No, for Rein the Morris Minor gives just that little bit extra: A special style, reliable even after 60 years. Can be used in current (busy) traffic and problem-free for long distances. Moreover, it is technically easy to maintain. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The Morris Minor was a world car and was assembled in several countries. For the Netherlands, this was JJ Molenaar's car company in Amersfoort. At the RAI (1960) Molenaar called for a visit to the Morris stand to see what Morris had to offer. “The Morris is a star, in style in construction and construction, a fantastic little car”, Molenaar wrote about this eye-catcher at the RAI. 

New Zealand

The Morris van Rein's birth certificate is stamped in New Zealand, where he lived with his wife for 10 years. Perhaps it is logical that the love for English solidity originated there. After all, the car drove around there. In 2008 the family returned with this Morris Minor 1000 in their luggage along with a 'van' version. 

Solid and reliable

Rein: “My English cars (I also own two Austin Gliders and a Rover 214) make my free time meaningful. My Minor 1000 is a running restoration, the body and chassis are steel hard, only the sills needed attention and love. The car is very solid and reliable, the many holiday trips through Europe: Spain, Scotland and Wales, Germany and the Benelux are proof for me. The only modern modification is an electronic ignition that I have installed, where the engine runs flawlessly and like a charm. Along the way we get many reactions that speak of admiration. We meet many like-minded people, can talk to each other and share the hobby.”

They may have disappeared from the normal street scene, but the Morris Minor still plays a very important role in the (hobby) life of many enthusiasts. The attention it draws is just really nice. 

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  1. The Morris Minor is still special!
    We have a 69′ Van in the shed at home.
    Used to watch it as a kid while my dad was restoring the car.
    As children we sat in the back in the second row on car seats specially made with seat belts.
    Years later, just in possession of a driver's license, you simply got the Morris from home when you had to pick up or drop off something, after all, it was still a delivery vehicle!
    There was once a time when the Morris had to be sold due to circumstances, but the Morris remained and has been in use over the years and then ended up in the shed again to save it somewhat.
    Most of the time always went into getting the brakes back in order before it was ready to use.
    I have a hunch that the Morris will remain until the end of time.
    The name Morris is and will certainly remain in my heart until the end.

    Gr M

  2. Ha, I see similarities: I also lived in New Zealand for several years (in Rotorua) and also ended up in Europe again in 2008.
    In addition, I also owned a Morris Minor in New Zealand: a 1950 low-light model, see photos.

    • I had exactly the same model a Morris minor 1000 from 1948 also an OHV when it was idling you only heard the valves rattle was nice to hear a lot of fun with it but also a lot of work to keep up with the bodywork

  3. Dear Peter, 6 months to a year that is more realistic.
    I did my Amazon last time and have been on it for about a year.
    And Volvos are generally sturdy cars, at least I've been driving Volvo Amazone for 40 years.

  4. This article brings back fond memories. During my HTS Wtb practical year I did an internship at Molenaar in Amersfoort, where, among other things, the Morris Minor was assembled. I was assigned to a team that did the (spot) welding that was needed to make a complete body of panels and pieces and bit of a complete body. I had the honor of operating the water-cooled spot welder that was the only one not to hang on a pendulum and therefore had to be moved entirely on muscle power, yes, and especially for the welds that required you to crawl into the body. What a job. Our target was to assemble 13 pieces per day; for this they worked as hard as possible because the “professionals” could sit down cards afterwards, the sooner finished the longer cards. My suggestion to add a few more was not well received: 'doesn't yield anything extra'. Instructive stay between people who did the real/heavy work. After Amersfoort I went to Oxford (Cowley) and Birmingham for about four months to delve further into quality and service issues. Despite the fact that I was allowed to see the secret Balanza project, it was immediately clear to me that there was little future for the British car industry.

  5. My experience with mobile projects is that the project gets bigger over time and eventually it is abandoned because it is no longer profitable and so another copy is lost.
    In order to tackle the matter thoroughly with a view to preservation for the future, such a car must be out of traffic for at least six months.
    I myself have restored a few cars which I thought I could finish within 2 months. 6 months is more realistic.
    There are always exceptions.

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