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Moto Morini was officially called: Fabbrica Italiana Motocicli Morini, Bologna. But find a tank that fits that.

The brand was founded in 1936 by Alfonso Morini.

He first built fast 123 cc, later 174 cc two-strokes and very fast OHVs and engines with overhead camshaft. He also made three-wheeled vans within the framework of the so requested small-scale, motorized transport. Morini was successful in races, among others with Tarquinio ('Bellini') Provini as driver, the man who, after his racing career, make scale models under the name 'Protar'. And who has not put together such a model somewhere in his life? My own Norton Manx stayed with me from the end of elementary school until it crashed during a move ...

After Alfonso's death in 1969, the factory was continued by his daughter Gabriella. The later success models were almost without exception to 500 cc, which we are talking about in the May issue of AMK. A turbo version that was presented around 1981 did not reach the production stage.

Moto Morini is as Italian as pasta and pesto. And then you are looking outside on 2 in May. It rains. It is not a motorcycle weather.

Very reliable. At least: as good as ...

And rain, many Moto Morini V-twins didn't like that. Part of the inflammation already stopped when it was coughed wet. The chrome was also more focused on the Italian sun. With the surviving 3,5s, the inflammatory problem - it was no more than a coil - will now be solved. And the chrome? Oh well: the Moto Morinis are usually never used as brine bikes. Technically speaking there is only the timing belt, the timing belt that is replaced by careful enthusiasts around the 5000 km because the original part is no longer available and because the replacement timing belts from the industrial corner have a significantly shorter tool life.

And that chrome? Oh well: the Moto Morinis are usually never used as brine bikes ...

They are immensely suitable to enjoy their unique V-twin hum, the smooth-shifting six-speed gearbox and the excellent bicycle part for a sunny weekend. The story of these Moto Morinis that definitively prove that more than 350 cc is only exuberant muscle shows, you will find in this year's AMK issue 5. The May number again. The spring number.

With all that steering, it appears that Moto Morini had really planned the regular 3,5 as a touring bike: The footrests are a bit too far forward to fully play out the sporty character of the V-twin. Well: touring the Moto Morini is not a punishment either. The block is flexible and does not necessarily beg to be milked.

At the moment the prices of the Moto Morinis are not sky high yet, but they are continuing to rise. The best chance to score a fresh copy is to go hunting - digitally or otherwise - in the home country.

Add to that the fact that there is a highly active Moto Morini Club in the Netherlands with a lot of knowledge about the 3,5s (and five hundred) and you have a great destination for your holiday pay.



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  1. In the early 80's I had a V50III and a friend a morini 500. A passenger at the time said the Guzzi went much deeper into the corners ?? this was also noticeable in the worn underside of the footrests. Still doubted between the morini or my guzzietje during the purchase.

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