Van Veen OCR 1000. An occassion for a ton

Van Veen OCR 1000
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Madness is of course limitless. In 2016, on June 14, a Van Veen OCR 1000 was auctioned at Catawiki for € 80.000. People from all over the world were bidding. Even from Japan, Russia and China. The approach was that many investors were active at the auction. "This type of engine is becoming increasingly rare, so the value only increases. That's why we see more and more people buying rare motorbikes or vintage cars as an investment, "said a spokesperson for the successful auction site.

And in the meantime, Catawiki is offering another Van Veen OCR 1000

The initial investment was 91.000 euros. Currently, the counter is already at 93000 euros. The hammer price can be at or above € 100.000. Whether the buyer will brave 25.000 km / year on his purchase? It will be kept in a safe until it is bought by the Chinese who recently paid more than € 1.000.000 for a carrier pigeon. Such a carrier pigeon does not last as long. But you can eat it. That again.

Made in Holland

The Dutch motorcycle brand Van Veen (Amsterdam) came into being when Kreidler importer Henk van Veen presented the first prototype of a two-disc shaky motorcycle in 1974. The driven entrepreneur had first tried out the idea with a converted Moto Guzzi V7 as a driving test bench. That prototype was just as ugly as the Van Veen OCR 1000 would be beautiful.

So the Van Veen OCR 1000

The block came from Comotor (Audi / NSU /Citroën) and the styling was from Jos Schurgers. The machine was very expensive, and the factory built in Duderstadt, which produced the first series in 1977, had to close in 1978. In that year, Comotor stopped producing wankel engines, which meant a serious setback for Van Veen. In 1981, after production of 38 motorcycles, it was over and out.

The new Van Veen OCR 1000s

Businessman Andries Wielinga from Wommels, Friesland, and Dirk Knip bought all the OCR items and apparently the rights and thought of making 10 real, new OCRs. In July 2010 the Van Veen OCR 1000 with frame number 41 was shown to the press. In fact, with such an increase in supply, the market price had to plummet. Yet? That appears to be better than expected.

11 July 2010 was a memorable day for Andries Wielinga and Dirk Knip

“No. 41 was finally ready and was introduced to the press. It has indeed taken much more time than we thought a year ago! But perfection simply takes a lot of time! Next September we will start building nr. 42. That means that you can now officially buy a new Van Veen. "" Building a new machine will take approximately 3 months. When the motorcycle is ready and delivered, the proud new owner will receive a 2 year warranty
A brand new Van Veen will cost - in 2011 - € 85.000 (incl. VAT). If you are seriously interested in buying a Van Veen, you can contact us by e-mail for information or to make an appointment. ”

Whether that also works in 2019?

The site seems extremely static. But a new OCR for only € 85.000? That is less than the € 91.000 that Catawiki has bet on. The one being auctioned is an early one and it has lived in England for a while. The 100 pk strong beauty has driven less than 25.000 kilometers. So he was at least once from a (fortunate) enthusiast.



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  1. But why does it continue with no. 41 while copies have been stopped after 38? Where did No. 39 and 40 go then?


  2. Happy with this article about my “poster on the wall-motor” from my childhood👍👍
    Shall I only try to save € 85k together? Or just keep restoring deWing from 1982🤔

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