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92% of the motor trade is covered by the regular trade. And the Internet shows us the way to all those addresses. But within a small circle there are always small companies that are extremely low profile. They lead a marginal existence within a small, regular clientele. We would like to collect and share such information.

The secret addresses

Because the people who fall outside of those small clientele? They are often seeking and long and desperate. On one of the photos where one of my own motorcycles stood, you could see that that brave old workhorse - He's classic. But I am too. And I also have to work - a cool spotlight and a thick fog lamp. An AMK reader emailed me that he had been looking for such lamps for a long time. I had mine two winters before from a whole box full of those things at one of my addresses, Loods 8 in Arnhem. The AMK reader immediately contacted Kiat Que, who was satisfied that he subsequently had a customer for life. Oh yes: He still had a whole bunch of those lamps!

A car parts address in between

By the way, at David Nieuwenhuis in De Meern I saw a lot of classic cars and brocante stuff in the attic. Plus old moped gear. That is also not online.

Preferably rest in the tent

Another address does not want to be mentioned at all. He thinks it is good this way. He was recently 'discovered' by a customer who just kept coming back. And more and more started to decrease. “After he bought stuff for € 600 in a month, I said I didn't want to see him anymore. He made me nervous. ”The same man was visited by someone who annoyed him. A know-it-all who went to explain instead of asking what. It was waived. He was not even allowed to buy the Norton Wankel about which he knew so much about him.

So let's share

All in all, there are still motorcycle shops that are just as indispensable as unknown. We had a call for DIY garages before. So now we just want to ask if there are people within the readers who have their own addresses for motorcycles, motorcycle parts, motorcycle shops and vague related things.

And as far as sharing is concerned

I was asked how motorcyclists think about sharing their motorcycles. There is an idea under construction supported by highly serious insurers whereby private individuals can rent their 100% risk-free motorcycle to other private individuals. Because sharing is modern.

After that conversation I once walked to the garage. I would not dare to put all my bikes in the rental. But rent a motorcycle? A national test showed that this led to nice contacts. Types of networks. From where again addresses were exchanged.

Share or rent

Let's start by telling each other our secret addresses of motorcycle stores. I use Kiat Qua from the 8 warehouse in Arnhem, at GeKra Motors in Dieren, Catshoek brake linings in Nijmegen and Robers engines in Boekelo.

All responses are welcome and - yes, there we are - are shared again.

And we should think about renting our motorcycles. A ride on a rented classic motorcycle could simply result in the purchase of a classic. And the more classics on the road the better.

Just call!

Showroom and warehouse ...

Rent out your motorcycle. Is that a good idea?

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