Opel B Manta (1978): from car resting place to rescue

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Purchasing classics there

You sometimes see beautiful youngtimers, classics or oldtimers and you wonder what the story behind them is. This Opel B Manta attracted the attention of the Hoogstra car damage company in Dokkum, Friesland, and therefore every reason to try to contact the owner. Fortunately, the owner was a real Opel man, and proud of his property, so there was great enthusiasm to tell the story.

Important in the family

Owner Hans has Opel in his DNA, his garage breathes Opel. There is an Opel Calibra – when was the last time you saw one? – but also an Opel A Manta and a Kadett that is undergoing a restoration for a new life in the Opel family. In this article we highlight the 46-year-old orange Opel B Manta.

Car rest area

The historic scrapyards have disappeared, decaying cars used to be a mecca for parts. The older generation sometimes misses that beautiful ambiance, after all, an artist couldn't have imagined it, just unique to see the different cars in different stages of decomposition.

Sincere love for Opel

Hans: “My son Anne Tjip is actually a real Opel fan, who has built up an enormous amount of knowledge about the brand and the models. His wish was to complete his man cave with a Manta B nose on the wall. The scrap metal hunt was successful, we found an Opel B Manta with significant side damage that had a future as a parts supplier. Because of my experience as a car painter, I quickly saw opportunities to save the car from the scrapyard and take over the car. Unfortunately, the nose of the Opel was not available for my son Anne Tjip this time.”

Demolition brings life?

“Together with my oldtimer friend and the advice of my son Anne Tjip, the restoration of the Opel B Manta could begin and would take more than 3 months. Sometimes you just have to save the car, return it to its original condition, despite the amount of work and costs, which will appeal to and appreciate the true enthusiast, right?

A snapshot of the times

The Opel Manta was a really good car, reliable for every day. Family cars, but also cars that had something to offer sporty drivers. The sporty appearance of this B Manta is also proof, isn't it? It is simply an image from that time, we do not dare to ask the Opel family the question of how special this Opel B Manta is. We know the character of the Opel Manta: flexible and strong!

Dream away with classics

Our hearts run faster when we encounter youngtimers, classics or oldtimers. We sometimes dream away for a moment when we hear the stories. We appreciate this Opel family for their interest in special cars, which they put back on the road as if they were reborn. The photos show that it is right that we put this Opel family in the spotlight, it is clear that they deserve a pat on the back.

Car memories

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Opel b manta (1978): from car resting place to rescue
Opel b manta (1978): from car resting place to rescue
Opel b manta (1978): from car resting place to rescue
Opel b manta (1978): from car resting place to rescue
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  1. Nice car, although I also like the A better.
    There are still some “real” scrapyards in Boesingheliede.
    And De Wetering in Weteringbrug also has a field full of valuable donors, where decay and nature sometimes take possession of the remains of once proud and cherished possessions.

    • Had it as an Ascona 1900 in this color, with a slipping clutch on holiday through Paris, back in the Netherlands flat tire, jack underneath but car did not go up, jack did, through the sill, I said goodbye anyway, nice car

  2. This car looks nice. It really has the look of the late 70s. I have owned a Manta 1978 S since August 16, which is still in good condition. Maybe I should get it roadworthy again...to enjoy it on sunny days.

    • Totally agree. The Manta A had/has a much nicer appearance. Too bad it only remained in production for 5 years, while the Manta B lasted no less than 13 years.

      • Then you also had the Vauxhall Cavalier, a model especially for customers who could not choose between a Manta B and an Ascona.
        (Front Manta and back Ascona)

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