Opel Super Six

Opel Super Six
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A luxury automobile with an engine from a truck? The Opel Super Six was made between 1937-1938 and it had the good-natured 2,5-liter six-cylinder engine that also did its job in the Opel Blitz. When you are on the road with an Opel Super six or one of its renowned contemporaries, you travel in your own relaxation bubble, in your own time machine. You view the world in a milder light. On secondary roads such an automobile is certainly not a moving blockade.

The 'Super' stood for the fact that it was a head clapper. The regular Opel Super Six had a two liter side valve. In 1937 the Super 6 was introduced to the public together with the Opel Admiral. And the windshield wipers were operated by a mechanical drive through the camshaft. And only the Opels intended for export had sun visors. Nice is not it?

Opel: an old brand

Opel's history as a car manufacturer begins in 1898 with the acquisition of Lutzmann. Opel became one of the leading producers, which General Motors had not escaped. In 1929 GM bought 80% of the Opel shares, and in 1931 the remaining 20% ​​was taken over.

After the takeover by GM, American influences immediately become noticeable, as in the Regent, with a strong American appearance and a six or eight-cylinder engine. In 1935 the more tailor-made Olympia is presented. More than 100.000 cars are produced that year. The Kadett is presented in 1936. The Kapitän appears in 1938.

After the war, Opel found it technically inconvenient for export to keep the military ranks and positions explicitly in the program. The Kapitän thus became Super Six again… And for those post-war 'new' Super Six models there is an IG, an Interessengemeinschaft.

Back to the Opel Super Six

It was available with two doors, four doors or as a convertible. And with 55 horsepower, those high-end cars were quite smooth: they went from 12 to 0 km / h in 70 seconds. A cruising speed of 112 km / h on the freshly laid Autobahn was just as impressive as the top speed of 120+ km / h. And all those blazing speeds were also safe: the Opel Super Six had stabilizer bars, hydraulically operated drum brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers. These large Opels were, certainly as convertibles, real 'Reisewagen' for the higher classes and occasional celebrities. And… as a 'Staff car' for army officers

Including the two liter side valves and the 2,5 liter head valves, around 1934 were made between 1938 and 97.000, of which about half were convertibles. Around 4.000 copies had to be in military service as transport for senior officers.

Nevertheless, this Opel Super Six is ​​now rarely available on the market. Their age will also have to do with that. After all, driving cars are now over XNUMXs. Funnily enough, we found quite a few used parts during some wanderings on the internet. And they weren't even expensive. In addition, such an Opel is a real Opel in its simplicity and reliability. So working on it or restoring it doesn't have to be disastrous.

This type of car is of course a thorn in the eye of tight green thinkers. It is therefore to be expected that there will be restrictions on the use of such classics. Something in the sense of the old-fashioned 30-day card perhaps? Then Schiphol can continue to grow unbridled.

No more daily drivers

Interest in pre-war cars (and motorcycles) is growing. The nostalgia. The simplicity. Apparently that appeals to people. The owners of these classics will probably not be alarmed if the national government (the roverheid for short) devises restrictive measures for this type of historical heritage. After all, you can hardly imagine an Opel Super Six as an insurance favorable daily driver? A car like such an Opel is allowed to play outside carefully and with love if the rain radar has been double checked. Such an open Mercedes beater is also quickly worth € 60.000. So roasting through Amsterdam with it is not an option either. Enjoy driving on secondary roads, in your own relaxation bubble, time machine. An amazing experience.

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  1. Dear editors,
    I think it's a great initiative. Especially the piece of history of Opel and especially about the Opel Super Six. I say that not only because it happens to be my Opel about which Dolf Peeters had made a very nice report at the time. I wish you every success with this initiative.

    Yours faithfully,

    Arie Algra

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