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25 year PCN

Door: Freek Aberson
The landscape of Classic Peugeot consists of three recognized clubs. The Association Peugeot Hollande, the 404 Association and the Peugeot Club Nederland (PCN). The PCN represents the interests of all Peugeot models from approximately after 1965. and has almost 700 members. The series includes the famous models such as 104, 204, 304, 504, 604, but also the follow-up models such as 205, 505, 305.

The PCN has become the youngest of the three and this year 25. A real reason to unpack. The PCN jubilee weekend at 22 and 23 September began in the historic town of Doesburg. A fleet of 60 cars was registered. A wide variety of convertibles, coupes and sedans. 204, 304, 205, 306, 404 and 504. You name it!

The festive gathering was musically supported by the Limehouse Jazzband and while the jazz sounds played through the streets, the 120 participants listened to the extensive briefing in Doesburg's oldest building “De Waag” there. Guided tours were provided to the one and only Mustard Museum in the Netherlands and the very beautiful crystal museum Lalique. After a tour of 50 kilometers, The Gallery in Brummen was visited for a delicious lunch. Amidst an anthology of classic and historic automobiles, people were busy talking, watching, photographing and eating. The Saturday afternoon ride ended in Hoevelaken, where drinks and an anniversary dinner were waiting. The overnight stay also took place there in Hoevelaken at 'De Klepperman'.

After a cold and somewhat humid night, a tour was started towards the 'Buitenplaats Amerongen'. There was enjoyed a nice lunch in the beautiful Poortgebouw. Of course a group photo was made with the Amerongen castle from 1628 as the background. The afternoon ride - this time with a photo puzzle - ended in the town of Buren. The 60 lions stood side by side in the garden of the former Orphanage for the last meeting. In the Royal Marechassee museum, we said goodbye to each other while enjoying a snack and a drink as well as the many thanks. It was a perfectly arranged weekend where nothing was missing. Happy faces, shiny Peugeots and full of energy to the next 25 year.


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