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We all know: Stealing is not allowed, but 'stealing' the show is. And this striking red Peugeot 203 C certainly does. When the car was driven out of the garage this week for integration at the RDW, the 'voiture' already attracted a lot of interest. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Of course we would like to know everything about this Peugeot 203 C, which originally had a French registration. Wouter says: “It came to the Netherlands in a light blue original color to be restored. The owner probably had too little time to start the time-consuming job and offered it - in 2016 - at a classic car event in Twijzelerheide (Fr). At first glance, the car seemed very reasonable. But what soon became clear is that part of the floorboards had to be replaced. Fortunately, the sills were rock hard.

As a technician and old machine fitter I did not want to use the original thin floor parts of the Peugeot 203 C but made one myself from 0,9 mm steel plate with the same structure as the original. This was the start of a total restoration. The car was completely stripped and everything was taken care of. That took four years. Some jobs were carried out together, such as shedding and painting, only the engine was overhauled by professionals. ” 

Original parts 

Wouter had a lot of trouble getting the right parts. It did not go without saying, parts were searched everywhere and sometimes paid dearly. Until the moment that Wouter became a member of the Peugeot club, which had a well-stocked warehouse and offered all solutions. The entire interior was renewed, the upholstery, the headliner, the doors, the seats and benches were done by his sturdy handy wife. The interior with its soft red upholstery now looks spacious. 

Real car enthusiast 

Wouter is a real car enthusiast. He loves the smell of oil and gasoline, which is also evident from the possession of an 'oldie' who has been in the garage for more than 34 years. The brand and its history will be revealed in the near future in the 'Accidental encounters' section. Wouter's hobby had been repairing automotive technical problems for many years. And in addition repair and maintenance of friends and family. So this time-consuming but pleasant restoration was not insurmountable for him. Wouter: "The only place where I still feel at home outside the house is my garage." That comment says enough. It is often the sum of fun, enjoyable moments. And if you can collect that with your car hobby then you can get a very large supply of it.

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  1. very nice, we are also working on the restoration of a Peugeot 203 convertible 1952.
    Do you have the correct color codes or color names in which this car was originally delivered?

  2. Probably perfect restoration, congratulations!
    When I was very little, my father had had 2 of those Peugeot 203's, a black and a pale gray. And I think and regret that you have not chosen the original color of the body and also the interior, which does not mean that it must be a beautiful appearance to come out with this. Again hat off for the many hours of work !!

  3. My father also had the same Peugeot, but in the delivery version in the color gray, unfortunately we were hit from behind and after the collision the car had become wider and shorter, so it was impossible to repair.

  4. A beautiful restoration. Really an old-timer to be jealous of. With that you indeed steal the show everywhere without any problem!

  5. I would like to congratulate both Mr and Mrs on this wonderful result. Upholstery in particular is a (difficult) profession in its own right, and this looks fine here.
    Just because of the 'dashboard' I would consider a 203… ..

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