Porsche builds millionth Porsche 911

New, classic, youngtimer, second-hand: the Porsche 911 is it all at once. The model has been in production for 54 years and yesterday Porsche built the millionth copy.

The millionth copy, which was built yesterday, is finished in the same colors as the very first 911 from Ferry Porsche: Irischgrün with pepita upholstery. Of course that was not the very first Porsche 911, because Porsche had of course already built all kinds of prototypes and show cars. But it is obvious that the Porsche 911 from Ferry Porsche was one of the first examples; he received his new official car with Fahrgestell number 300.003 on 19 October 1964. That means that it wasn't actually a Porsche 911 yet. After all, Porsche initially launched the car as an 901. So he was, as a prototype, on 12 September 1963 at the IAA in Frankfurt, and so he went on sale. Until a letter from Peugeot came in early October 1964, stating that that brand had the exclusive right to three-digit model names with a zero in the middle.
Porsche considered several options, including adding the letters GT to the model name, but in the end Ferry Porsche decided on 22 November 1964 that Porsche 911 was the best name. Not because it sounded good or because the marketing department thought it or something, but for a more obvious reason: the leaflets, price lists, instruction manuals and nameplates were all already designed and it was too late to come up with a whole new logo . So the best option was to have the 9 or the 1 appear again in the name ...

The millionth Porsche 911 remains in the hands of Porsche AG and eventually arrives at the Porsche Museum. Before that, he first goes on a world tour, including the Scottish Highlands, the United States and China. Of course the Nürburgring is not skipped.

All nice and nice, but how many have been built of each type? Sports car manufacturer McLaren recently said they would never build more than 5.000 cars per year. Is Porsche also doing something to guarantee the exclusivity of the 911? Not really, because 2016 copies of the 32.365 were delivered worldwide in 911 alone. However, by choosing the Porsche Exclusive options, as was done generously on this millionth copy, or by purchasing a limited version such as the 911 R, you still have an 911 that does not already have the entire world.

Production numbers

Introduction Type Amount
1963 Primal 911 81.100
1973 G-Model 198.414
1973 964 74.008
1973 993 67.535
1973 996 179.163
1973 997 215.092
1973 991 152.659*

* until the end of the 2016 model year


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