Special Porsche collection from State of Art to the first AMK Festival

AMK Festival
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Find the first on 29 and April 30 Auto Motor Klassiek Festival in Zandvoort. Organizes in collaboration with 402 Automotive Auto Motor Klassiek a classic spectacle with numerous program components and space for thousands of classics. One of the attractions within the program is the presence of a special Porsches collection: the State of Art collection by Albert Westerman. About twenty specimens will be shown on the show paddock of the Circuit Park Zandvoort.

Albert Westerman, owner of the State of Art clothing brand, which is inextricably linked to motorsport, has built up an impressive collection of Porsches. Westerman who fell in love with the Porsche 1500 S Cabrio at the age of ten. That feeling has never passed. At a later age, Westerman started racing the 356s and 911s, including at Zandvoort and Spa-Francorchamps.

Classic Porsche Collection

Westerman has more than 30 classic Porsches in its possession. One of the top pieces is an 550 RS Spyder. The 550 Spyder 1500 RS drives the Mille Miglia in Italy together with the other 550s. Furthermore, the number of Porsche 356 models within the collection is striking. Westermans' collection includes an 356 pre A Cabriolet from 1953 and an 356 B hard-top coupe. The Porsche 911 is also included in the collection. Targas and coupes have acquired their place in the Westerman collection in several designs. Finally, the VW T1 Bunker Transporter with Porsche engine is a very special relic within the collection of the men's fashion entrepreneur.

Leave nothing to chance

The collection is exhibited in the State of Art headquarters in Lichtenvoorde. They are also used for marketing purposes to support the clothing collections. Westerman also sets high standards for his Porsches. They must be reliable at all times. Westerman therefore also employs specialized mechanics, who ensure that the classic Porsches remain in top condition. That is not without reason, because a number of Porsches from the State of Art collection are still driven in various rallies around the world to this day.

Twenty pieces to Zandvoort

About twenty copies from the Porsche ensemble of Albert Westerman come to the first AMK Festival. The line-up, the organization states, is another surprise. Nevertheless, it is certain that this part of the program will appeal to the visitors - and in particular the Porsche fans -. The presence of Westermans' Porsches is simply a unique opportunity to view the beautiful heritage from Zuffenhausen in the circuit habitat of Zandvoort.

You can find more information about the first AMK Festival - with room for thousands of classics, numerous programs, a concours d 'elegance, a business market and much more - here.. And an impression of the beautiful collection of Albert Westerman can be found below .

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