PvdA and D66 want to add new chapter to questionable car environmental policy

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It is becoming increasingly clear in the country that various automatic measures at local and national level do nothing for the environment. The PvdA and D66 do not care. In fact, the parties want to give the car environmental lobby a new boost. Yesterday, De Telegraaf reported that they have plans for cars, according to the book clean be rewarded with lower parking fees. If it is up to the PvdA and D66, the car environmental policy will get an extension of this new measure, which should be implemented per municipality.

The motorist now pays a standard rate for parking the car. Municipalities determine the level of this themselves. If it is up to PvdA and D66 that will change. The parties are in favor of applying different rates per type of car. In this way, municipalities can make parking cheaper for clean cars. According to D66, it even offers space to park electric cars free of charge. It can be guessed what this tariff differentiation could mean for older cars and classics.

Against all knowledge

Not long ago, TNO demonstrated that the carbon dioxide emissions of hybrid vehicles are at the same level as those of diesel vehicles. Nevertheless, both political parties are pleading in favor of new advantages. And that while car owners who do not meet the prescribed and absolutely unrealistic standards, simply pay MRB, insurance premium, maintenance costs and, if applicable, MOT inspection costs. The parking ambition promotes inequality.

New chapter within effectless policy

The PvdA and D66 do not care about this form of inequality. Nor is the revelation of State Secretary Eric Wiebes, who recently announced in the BNR National Auto Show that the tax incentive system for clean cars had little or no effect on air quality, does not constitute grounds for questioning the "clean car" phenomenon " The PvdA and D66 do not take into account the fact that the ambitious air targets have simply not been achieved. Despite an investment of 7 billion made over the years in "clean driving". In the meantime, the PvdA and D66 are in favor of introducing a new, disguised form of subsidy for "sustainable" mobility. And that while there are still certain categories of vehicles that are subject to favorable tax conditions.

Strange turn

Due to the many years of subsidization, there was crooked growth within the car market. Furthermore, at the time of the incentive measures, the Vliet Amendment was expertly destroyed. It was then very useful for those involved in politics to link environmental objectives to that measure. When it was not shown that the quality of the air was improved by this measure, the Ministry of Finance hastened to say that the old-timer scheme was mainly based on financial grounds. The financial behavioral consequences were again not taken into account.

Shine argumentation

In the meantime, hard figures have been demonstrated in Rotterdam and Utrecht that environmental zones are also of no use. The PvdA and D66 continue to believe in the fairytale called clean driving. There is not only injustice in it. There is also a danger in it. The intended parking policy can in fact be the next step in making the possession of older cars - and by extension also the classics - increasingly unattractive. With fake arguments (sustainable, clean, climate-neutral) as a foundation for ambitions that have not been given concrete shape in any way.

Source: De Telegraaf
Edited: Auto Motor Klassiek



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  1. 12.5 year I have been chairman of a local D 66 department. Saying goodbye to this club a few years ago. Many misguided policies! This is another example of this. Jan Terlouw's wisdom is missing in this club nowadays. Unfortunately!!!!!!!!

  2. Those politicians should first look at their own behavior. They must fly all over the world. Fixed also electric. What about shipping? When would it become electric.
    But anyway, D66's own supporters are swimming in the money, thanks to great policy functions and the PvdA will soon have no supporters.

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