The quarterly arrangement and sustainability

just ride those classics! Throughout the year. Fun and sustainable
ER Classics Desktop 2022

just ride those classics! Throughout the year. Fun and sustainableThe very, most of us drive classic because we just like that more. The really scrawny, used frying oil-burning classic diesel drivers, who have never received any understanding or appreciation within our circle. 

That a Company Car is a hybrid hypocrite on gasoline and tamper-proof software with the lines of a swollen suppository and containers full of electric motors and electronics? Fascinating ... The thing does everything well and has a tax benefit.

just ride those classics! Throughout the year. Fun and sustainableBut whether you experience the Real Arrangement of driving with it? Neuh ... You are transported with it. Driving is no longer a verb.

Cars made up to the mid-1990s and XNUMXs are not yet ideal toys for digital junkies. They are still largely recognizable and can be experienced as 'mechanical'.

And classics in good condition that were made, say between 75-85, they are now just completely traffic compatible and they have no things to work against them in terms of reliability and maintenance. In fact, they are largely free from unexplained electronic disturbances. Because there is absolutely no electronics on board. And compare the replacement of a broken clutch cable on the Audi in the photos with the replacement of a 'Ride by Wire' accelerator pedal of a recent car. The clutch cable cost 24 euros. The accelerator with electronic miracle box cost 468 euros.

just ride those classics! Throughout the year. Fun and sustainableIt is therefore a shame that you cannot drive such an 100% usable classic due to the legal winter break between December and February.

But for such a classic, you can also pay full tax on holding tax. Then you can enjoy it all year round by doing it for the full year it was made for: Driving. Then you will also notice that the fuel consumption of such a classic is in reality not even far from that of a modern car, where the stated consumption values ​​generally have absolutely nothing to do with the values ​​experienced in practice.

Classic 3In addition, you drive the sustainability idea in a unique way by driving a classic. Making a new car is a heavy change in the use of minerals. Certainly if that car has more than 1 batteries. Because the production of all those battery packs in hybrids or full E vehicles has already transformed entire regions in China into toxic lunar landscapes where the next few centuries will no longer grow any blade of grass.

Only be careful if there is heavy pickling.
But when has that happened since the climate change?

So let's all go for a nice classic ride.
For the fun.
For the sustainability.
For the environment.

And check whether your classic insurance policy does not have a strict kilometer limit. Otherwise it can still be expensive. But a basic WA costs about nothing at the same insurer ...

We hope to meet you soon on the way and will greet you!





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