Renault 12 TS (1975) by Bram Kloosterman: Douze points …

Renault 12 TS (1975)
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Could warm memories be the reason to buy a classic Renault 12? Can an old car from yesterday mean so much that it will stay with you for the rest of your life? The answer is of course: Yes, the number of points that Bram gives (Douze points) is the highest rating. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Bram: “For me, nostalgia is constantly present when I see my bright yellow Renault 12 TS, it was my father's first car in exactly the same color and version. When I discovered this car on the internet, all those memories and thoughts immediately came back to me. I decided – despite the fact that a lot of work had to be done – to purchase. Irresponsible? No, I thought it was fantastic.” 

Successful in the home country

The model was – also in the Netherlands – successful in the 70s. It was actually a world car, because it was built in various countries. This now classic Renault can still be seen quite a lot in France, but in the Netherlands it is no longer to be discovered in the wild and has therefore almost disappeared. Renault described the 12 as a 4-door sedan with simple but reliable technology. A generous boot space, a comfortable travel vehicle and economical to use. 

Signs of old age

The engine was no problem at all. Bram is active every day as an entrepreneur and car mechanic and was able to restore the engine to top technical condition. The body, on the other hand, had a lot of welding, on sills, wheel rims, doors and there was rust in other places. It was not a total restoration, but 'refurbishing' would be a better description. 


It's romance to drive this 40-plus, without all the modern conveniences, no electric windows, no power steering and even no air conditioning. Isn't it a beauty in this bright yellow color? Still a beautiful model that is still very easy to recognize, with modern sacred cows that is sometimes a bit more difficult. Bram steps back in time with his Renault 12 and that gives a good feeling. If you read his motivations, can you imagine that? 

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  1. Owns an orange 12 tl break from 1974. Rust everywhere. So I made my meters with the welding machine. However, it is not an import copy. It now has a Volvo B14 engine. Even at a Citroënmeeting you have quickly drawn attention!

  2. Bought an R90 in the early 12s for 100 guilders. I just got my driver's license after driving 4 times. The car would be absolutely perfect. He belonged to a Turkish driving school owner. After 1 day I immediately sold it on to another Turkish man who happened to be a Turkish man. He could use the seats for his own R12. I got 50 euros for it. The car was sold on because it wouldn't start. At home we call Renaults FR.

    So a Clio FR or a Megan FR. Gr stands for French Mess. Because that's it. Peugeot, 🍋 and Renault/Dacia stay far away. It's all junk.

    • What nonsense. French cars are really no worse than cars from other countries. There is sometimes a soap in between, but that also happens to all (all!) other brands.

    • Had 2 Opels and drove many VWs commercially.
      Never had and/or driven such maintenance-sensitive, not to say breakdown-prone cars.
      Then had 2 Lancia Dedra's (1 on LPG), Fiat Punto 75 LPG, Alfa 146 2.0TD.
      Together they drove for almost 25 years in Italian, made a lot of fast, high-revving kilometers with a real minimum of maintenance and never bad luck or malheur.
      Peugeot for 3 years now, the lady is now almost 19 years old and has just seen a welding machine for the first time, while she has lived on the beach in Vlissingen for 6 years. In terms of maintenance and costs at MOT, very minimal, just like my Berlingo (a business diesel, private petrol) an elderly Saxo, who got an X5 on the nose.
      Also once had a Swift and 2x an Alto, all indestructible.
      Well, that Saxo excepted haha.
      None of the Germans reached 1,5 tons with a lot of maintenance and various engines, the Italians and the French well over 2 tons or even thick 3 tons (Dedra 1.6SW and Berlingo Diesel)
      As you can see a lot of experience with various brands.
      In my area several Renaults with many kilometers, with normal or urgently needed maintenance.
      That you happened to have had a bad purchase ……. you cannot settle an entire brand on it.
      The professional VW's I'm talking about Polo t / m Crafter. What a misery.

  3. I had a 12 TS from 1976, so phase 2, after 7 years I had to repair a lot of rust. Renaults from the second part of the seventies, however, were rust buckets. I was a bodyworker at a renault dealer in 79-80. Then I had a 12 R1978 TS estate, this car was built in Spain (Renault FASA) and was much more rust resistant.
    Fine cars, but not easy to restore for the average mortal because of the many repairs that have to be carried out on the body.

  4. @DHB
    Is there a possibility that the 12 was just mercilessly beaten? The description reminds nothing of what I can remember of an R12. Crooked brakes after a single year, which indicates that the car has been hit. But hey, even in that condition it outlived many an Alfa Sud, which you could scrape together after six years or so of rust. Also a shame about such a nice car with such heavenly engine behaviour. sob….

  5. I also had the 12 ts for several years after my first Simca 1100
    nice car, spacious and driving well, then had a lot of Renaults
    including 18 break 20 ts 21 Nevada different 5 ts 5 turbo 25 gtx and Espace

  6. I had a new job; a nice promotion. It was 1976. I was allowed to pick out a new car and came from a 2yr old Alfasud Ti. One problem ... While waiting for the delivery of my new Alfetta, I spent half a year driving the car of my predecessor. Yes, exactly: a 12TS of one year old.
    I thought it was an outspoken disaster car. bronze green, French wobble handling, soft suspension, soft seats, no pore, no face, skewed brakes etc etc etc.
    I was really happy when my Alfetta was delivered!

  7. Like yesterday, that R12.
    I remember it categorically as a car with super handling and good comfort. In the past he determined the street scene very regularly. A school friend's father had a metallic green TS. He has brought us to class parties more than once. Nice memories of.

  8. I drove an R12TS for several years, with sporty high seats. Very sporty car: I was almost always the first to leave at traffic lights; Also very stable when cornering, when traveling in France. Simple mechanics, but very reliable. Top car! As I needed more space (because it was a 4-door), I sold it to buy an R18 American Break. Also a fantastic car!

  9. Very nice to see these 12 again, drove this car years ago.
    Lots of fond memories of the 3 12's my dad had.
    Now in possession of a 12 order.

    20191021 110034

  10. Great car! The R15 and 17 shared the same base and technique. The 12 TS was the top model of the 12 series with various extras, such as a tachometer and a clock on the dashboard, so-called aircraft seats with integrated headrests, some extra chrome strips and other wheels. It was also the sportiest, after the 12 Gordini, but that gave way early to the 17 Gordini. In France this was the best-selling car in its class for many years. Was seen there a bit like the Opel Ascona here.

    For the real 12 enthusiasts:

  11. After that, for many years for sale very cheaply as Dacia in Belgium, with a very poor quality, in contrast to the very good quality of the R12

    • When I was 19 I bought a 12 (unfortunately TL) for next to nothing with a worn clutch.
      I had to have a more spacious car because of my hobby.
      After replacing the clutch, I drove it problem-free 20 tkm in six months.
      The 12 was from 1973 and I believe in Dordogne green
      I have always followed the model.
      Nice car Brad.

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