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Every classic fan dreams of resurrection stories. Because what could be more fun than seeing a classic that has slept for a long time come back to life?

There are still a lot of clean sleepers

Forgotten classics that were put away years ago. We are currently dreaming about one Citroën GS and an Audi 100. The GS is in the Flemish town of Vilvoorde in the garage of a now very elderly widow. The metallic green 'hydraulique' has 14D kilometers on the clock and only looks slightly dusty. The widow is not ready to sell yet. The GS has not driven since 1990. The tires are of course flat. The Audi is here somewhere in Gelderland and it is still unclear who it is. The thing looks very neat. Maybe it is already a galvanized copy.

The two classics have therefore not yet been adopted

But how happy should you be with such a find when it's in your shed? Because it is not a question of: "Petrol and a battery go in and go," that will be clear.

From previous experience we know that the battery is of course dead, that the tank and carburetion usually cause problems. That the brakes - including brake hoses - must be done. That many hoses are outdated, just like that happened with the V strings. That a fresh water pump is always a good idea. New tires will have to come. The filters and liquids need to be changed (a few times). Air filters and exhaust systems tend to have winter supplies of nuts and hassle from squirrels and mouse nests. Those rodents may also have lived and nestled in the interior.

But out of curiosity, you naturally tend to want to know what you bought earlier. First make sure that a good fire extinguisher is available. Of course it is then checked in advance whether the block is still 'loose'. It is then time to check whether there is any debris in the air filter. If a block of inhaled mouse nest remains to compress, it's a bad way to wake up. Make sure there is enough oil on board. Spoil the pistons with a little bit of oil through the spark plug holes, then let it whirl around on the starter motor to allow the oil pump to loosen its muscles.

Check to see if the spark plugs are sparking

Then the spark plugs can be put back in and the spark plug wires can be put back on. Now you can start. Usually the petrol pump will first have to bring some excise juice to the carburetor. You can spray some starter pilot or brake cleaner into the air filter at that stage. There is a reasonable chance that the engine will start. But don't expect him to snort like a sewing machine or a happy cat on the windowsill. In fact, there is always talk of stiff muscles and overdue maintenance.

Once such a block is running, it is very nice to experience how things go better depending on the temperature. Check with the block on temperature that no bubbles are blown into the radiator. Then you know in any case that the car was not put away with a leaky head gasket.

And after that?

Investing in time and money then starts. Because every find takes more work than you think. But emotionally, of course, nothing beats a self-found classic.

Do you have any useful tips or experiences you want to share? Feel free to do that below in the comments.

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  1. With all love for old timers or. I would like to point out the foundlings with their own mouth and nose protection and gloves to ensure their own safety, if there are mice mice, etc., before any research or key work is done!
    You can find more about this on the Internet.

  2. If you have read correctly, the citroen in Belgium that is a Belgian person in hiding or am I misreading godfather

  3. Think the Gelderlander in hiding in the picture, really one Citroen CX series 2.
    But if the photo is placed as an example then fine of course.

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