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  • Opel Kadett C Coupe (1977)

    Opel Kadett C Coupé (1977) Admiring looks for Dikkie Hiemstra. 

    The Opel Kadett C was a great success for the General Motors car giant at the time. Its handling and handling were excellent and the comfort also scored very high. The big sales figures were the proof. And that has remained that way, yes now even more, they now distinguish themselves from the gray matter. For the design of the past and for the classic driving pleasure.  Read more

  • Opel Kadett A.

    Opel Kadett A. Top seller! 

    This Opel Kadett A is from 1965 and its new destination is a small-scale museum in the northern region. In the 60s, Opel could really compete with the successful VW Beetle, because the Opel Kadett A became a top seller due to the lower price and the larger and beautiful design. Through: Read more

  • Opel B Kadett

    Opel B Kadett from Bert van Helden

    AMK reader Bert van Helden responded to our call via the banner under all articles to write about the classic he drives himself. And his classic, that is an Opel B Kadett. The Opel B Kadett That was another Opel where it was advisable to change the water pump every thirty thousand Read more

  • Opel Kadett GT / E

    Opel Kadett GT / E. Rare and peppery coupe

    In 1973 Opel introduces the C-generation of the popular and successful Kadett. The B-model generation may retire, but Opel's classic starting point to launch a new model immediately with various body styles is continued undaunted. Opel also maintains rear-wheel drive with the C-Kadett. One of the models of the 1973 Kadett is Read more

  • Opel Kadett

    The most beautiful Opel Kadett?

    A car to befriend, at least that's what General Motors wanted. The Opel Kadett was spacious, spirited and handy, especially because there were different versions such as the caravan and the coupé. This beautiful 70 55-1966-BU is a luxury car in every way, first and foremost a car Read more

  • 40 years
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    These cars exist in 2019 40 year. Part One

    The new year is already on its way. It means that the anniversary flag is raised again for the necessary car models. As for the cars, which will officially reach the Dutch classic age of 2019 years in 40. We have made an overview, which we will present to you in several companies. And in that flashback Read more

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    Vauxhall Chevette

    The Vauxhall Chevette, marketed on the European continent as Opel Kadett, does have a nice story. The Vauxhall Chevette was seen by General Motors as a 'baby Chevrolet' for the American market, hence the name 'Chevette'. Production moved Apparently the mutual contacts were not very good, because Vauxhall Read more