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  • Rare and yet not sought after…

    Ish, rare and yet not sought after…

    As a motorcycle dealer, what should you say to a doubting candidate if you don't know it yourself anymore? “But he's purple. Purple! PURPLE!!! Buy it anyway!” Ish… Or so IZj (Russian: ИЖ) is a Russian motorcycle brand, produced in Izhevsk by Izhmash, from 1996 IzhMoto. Nice old mechanical artifacts, these Russian working animals. † More

  • in

    Get classics in Russia

    In the pleasant conversation with Steven Bosdijk about Yugos and Zastavas (and Urals and Dneprs) the difference between 'Moscow' and 'the rest of the world' came up. Steven knows what he's talking about. Moscow is a steaming metropolis where the newest, the largest and the fastest cars play their rodeo game. More

  • Russian classics - Moskvitch

    Back in the USSR: Russian classics

    You will find 'Russian' classic dealers when you search under, for example, 'Классический автомобиль на продажу'. These mainly contain many classics that come from Germany and the Netherlands. But also Russian classics such as Moskvich, GAZ, ZIL, ZAZ, Scaldia, Zazphorojet, Lada and Pobjeba. For the classics from the west (and there is no watertight guarantee that they […] More

  • GAZ-69

    GAZ-69 Jeep, with the 'Z' of 'zavod'

    GAZ licensed Fords. In May 1929, the Soviet Union signed an agreement with the American Ford Motor Company. Americans and the Soviets agreed to purchase $13 million worth of cars and parts, while Ford agreed to provide engineering assistance until 1938 in the construction of a car plant […] More

  • Russia

    Search classics in 'Russia'

    In what was once the CCCP, there are now also classic fairs. The invitation for something so interesting came through Vyacheslav Sheyanov, the owner of 'Motorworld/motos of war in Samara. Some journeys are too long to do by motorbike. That is, if you are not a knight-errant who wants to spend a year or so […] More

  • Leningrad Sport Custom

    Leningrad Sport Custom ... Russian sports car

    In the heyday of the Cold War, the former Eastern Bloc, communism, Russia was getting ready to invade Hungary and endanger world peace, it was Arkadij Dmitrievich Babich who was thinking of very different things. His own sports car: The Leningrad Sport Custom! We are talking about […] More

  • snow fun snow chains

    When we still had winters ...

    When it snowed, really snowed, we called each other. And so there were three more sidecars on the Posbank. The Posbank of which we will tell you in 5 years that there was one and a half, two meters of snow. The BMW GS with Heelerspan stood arrogantly with fenders raised above the studded tires arrogantly next to the Ural and […] More

  • Russian police car, classic


    In the past when Russia was only populated with cart horses and a few Moskovitch and Lada's ...

    Then a police car was good when he did it and when a drunk could enter it. But now, in Russia where wealth is something to show?

    Where Porsche Cayennes just More

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