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    Citroën Ami 8

    De Citroën Ami 8, an evolved type of 2CV, is one of the most recognizable cars of all time, along with that 2CV, the pike, the Beetle and R4. With the loss of recognisability, automotive charm has been exchanged for the somewhat pumped-up looks from the wind tunnel. You can't stop progress. But we think the trend is a bit sad. A befriended old school car enthusiast grumbled; "They all look like swollen barbed suppositories." More

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    The Ami is back

    'Ami' means 'friend'. And what is good remains. Or come back. Or marketers have seen bread in it. So the famous Ami van Citroën is also back with a vengeance. More

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    Citroën Amis and Dyanes: cheaper than 2CVs

    When the Berben garage in Ulft closed its doors, a number of avid classical ones hit Citroënriders lost their base. An orphaned 2CV AMK reader and 2CV pilot Ernie went looking for a new cuddly address for his wonderfully aged AZU. He ended up at Karel Boesveld through the media. Karel operates under the roof in Borculo More