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    Fuel lines

    It was a Jaguar XJ V12 with Lucas injection. In front of a traffic light the driver smelled gasoline-like… We're not gonna be kidding about Lucas. The brand was so neo liberally wrung by its clients that they could guarantee delivery, but not quality. And even that in moderation. We are simply talking about a classic with everything that surrounds it. Likewise problems with the fuel system. More

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    Fire. When it gets too hot in the shed

    Friend Freek reported yesterday that he had had an inner fire and that he had put it out. He was therefore genuinely desperate. Because he had used a powder extinguisher. Extinguishing powder is salty and hygroscopic. Freek was gloomy: "Actually I should have let the case burn out." More

  • Auto storage on fire

    Yet again about insurance

    The smoke has since cleared, but a fire had broken out again in a storage or hobby room for classics. It's always nice when your hobby makes the news, but the TV images we saw didn't make us happy. The first – emotional – reactions of the owners More

  • burnt Jaguar Mk II

    Just Cal the insurance company. Collateral damage.

    “Collateral damage” is the military term for unplanned collateral damage. For example: “We blew up the bridge but a school trip bus drove up”. The bus is the Collateral damage. And the kids and the chaperones. This phenomenon also occurs in the insurance world. For example, there are a lot of classic lovers who dream at night about More

  • Jaguar V12 Rotor

    What Jaguar problems ...

    Some Jaguar problems… And the solutions found. The two things that played recently are very different. But let's put them under 1 cup. Otherwise the Big Cats seem to be very problematic… And they are not. Jaguar V12s are as reliable as Mercedes Diesels. Only they can't make it without More

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    We have already drawn your attention to checking the fuel lines and connections of those lines in your classic car more than regularly. The quality of the More