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  • Yamaha FJ1200

    Yamaha FJ 1200. A cheap powerhouse

    We can't get out of it. We get older and classics get younger. Of course it is 100% understandable for 60 +ers to have a Triumph Bonneville or Honda CB 750 OHC can be found at the top. But for the later born, that machine doesn't have the spell it did for us. In the meantime, the Yamaha FJ 1200 has been made from 1986 to 1993. And that was quite a few weeks ago. More

  • Honda CB750

    The Honda CB750 'Seven Fifty' DOHC

    The successor to the 'naked' Honda CB750 OHCs. He had the thankless task of following up on the Motor of (again the previous) Century. And in the meantime it is already classic in many aspects. But no matter how much better it is than the OHC models, it will never be an engine of any century […] More

  • XS650

    Frieds XS650: Ahead into the past

    Forward the past in Work in progress. That means something isn't finished yet. In the photos we see the project that XS650 passionado Fried Anepool has almost finished in the meantime. And we know that there are people who immediately start to prance when they see a classic that is not in […] More

  • in

    Ardie. Also a healed classic

    When it comes to classics, it is often about the 'usual suspects'. Because the number of times there Triumph Bonnevilles and Honda CB 750s have been portrayed worldwide is huge. Unprecedented makes unloved But in the history of car and motorcycle construction there has been an unprecedented number of brands and types […] More

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