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    Secondary chains

    A shaft drive used to be your thing about it. After all, it was low maintenance (not maintenance free). But a chain? That was a wear part that also required a lot of attention during wear and tear. Because dismantling, cleaning and greasing the chain every 500 kilometers? That was work! More

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    Chain maintenance 1.0

    Chains. Indispensable wear parts that require maintenance. In the past, when not everything was better, but it was nice and clear, cleaning and lubrication - chain maintenance - of the secondary chain was quite a ritual. More

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    The timing belt transmission: Again almost 40 years old

    In the beginning there was the belt drive. The timing belt transmission is quite recent. Secondary transmission once started as a leather belt. A leather belt – which was under tension, because he was only too happy to slip – formed the connection between crankshaft and rear wheel. It was. Then came the sleeves and rolls More

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    A cost

    A friend of mine has an 1600 cc BMW. Not a classic car, but a new engine. Recently that showpiece had to go for a big turn. The specialist apparently applies an hourly rate of 100 euros.