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    Half a motor, better than an empty cap

    It is often grumbled that 'nobody is doing anything anymore'. As with a lot of grumbling, this is not too bad. But some really 'do' a lot more than others. Harm Schrage is such a person. We came into contact with him through the fanfare. This is what he did. In his own words: More

  • Citroën CX

    Citroën CX, the garage…

    Recovery: That was a BX advertisement: BX, he doesn't like the garage. A lot of silly jokes were made about that, by the way. The Citroën CX is a different story. He loves garages, a CX thrives with good and regular maintenance. But a good, well-maintained CX? That's the best car More

  • Pierre Tissier

    Manufacturer Pierre Tissier. Supersize ma Déesse

    Or a Citroën CX. Even the XM took on mythical dimensions in the workshop in Villeneuve-le-Roi. Strange beauty Pierre Tissier was a man with two right hands and a passion for cars. However, this much more common combination did not automatically lead to particularly successful or beautiful creations. On the contrary. Well in the case of this one More

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    The BX octopus job

    The BX octopus job. That is often a prayer without end. But now that BXs are carefully coming out of hiding, you really can't buy a nice BX for small change anymore, it pays to take a good look at the matter. The large and small octopus are the bundles of hoses with which the hydraulics of the More

  • BX GTI 2

    The French thoroughness

    Have you ever noticed that many things are certainly attributed to things that the speaker has no knowledge of? American V8s run 1 on 4, all Fiats rust and Citroens BXs are the worst cars in the world… The talk of know-it-all uncles on boring birthdays… People who More