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    Daimler 104: Verkeerd Afgelopen

    In the past, a Daimler 104 fell into the super-deluxe Edelkoets category. A majestic 'carriage' where usually an 'own' driver occupied the command post, the passengers could rejoice in leather, walnut wood and above all status. That too will come to an end, as witnessed by the photos of a Daimler 104 spotted in the British Altrincham, County Cheshire. More

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    Now cheap: the Jaguar XJ (1986-1994)

    The agreement between Jaguars XJ of this generation, Citroëns BX, in the folder already rusting Alfasudjes and Lada? Everyone heard the most horrific stories about that car on birthdays and other celebrations. And that while of all those stories about all those cars, only 1 thing was true: Sudjes rusted More

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    How a trade stock and collection became ..

    A thirteen-year drama. Municipal corruption, the interests of a large corporation and those of men with real money behind the scenes. Dealing with zoning plans as if they were printed on soft, ribbed paper. Attacks of madness and intimidation ... Municipal officials who are deployed as pawns to have a citizen standing up for his rights declared incomprehensible ... Like in 'crazy'. More

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    Roots Supercharger

    In 1860, the Philander and Francis Roots brothers from Connersville, Indiana, USA patented their invention for one More