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    Zündapp Janus. Dwarf car in mirror image.

    It's the fifties. After the Second World War, the economy continued to improve. It went well for the people. They got more money to spend and wanted something different than the daily transport by motorcycle, through all kinds of weather. Germany is rising and the automotive industry is recovering. It is the Read more

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    The Shelter. A Dutch dwarf car

    Shortly after the Second World War, motorized traffic was extremely topical. You were quite the guy on a BSA or Harley, which you could buy for a few hundred guilders on the dump. But a motorcycle was not yet a car. Not even a car. Because with a motor vehicle with a roof on it you counted Read more

  • Norso
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    Norso. a very ugly dwarf car

    Norso or Norsjo (1960-1979); Norsjo AB; Forshaga; Sweden. Does that name already make you shudder with recognition? Dwarf cars and other small swarming - including boxwood moths - are currently highly topical.Of course, we had already identified this trend and Auto Motor Klassiek which you will soon be able to buy at the newsstand – or Read more

  • Goliath

    Goliath: Not a nice ass

    The head and the butt. Those are things that impress you. Or not. And if you actually look at an ass without attention? How interesting can that be? In any case, more interesting, or more sensible than if the reverse were the case. I still remember the gloomy comment: “I fell in love Read more