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  • The Autobianchi A112. From road planner to evergreen

    Autobianchi A112. From trailblazer to evergreen

    On October 2, 1969, the Autobianchi A112 was presented. It symbolizes an era in which front-wheel drive and the optimal use of space became increasingly important for car manufacturers. The Autobianchi A112, which emerged from Giacosa's project X1/2, is a great success. The Italian Supermini, whose design is also Gandini's signature […] More

  • Datsun Fair Lady

    Datsun Fair Lady Roadster 1600

    While searching for a Datsun 240Z, we stumbled upon its – sort of – predecessor: the Datsun 1600 Roadster, the elegantly civilized convertible that became known as Datsun Fairlady. That name was the idea of ​​the then president / chairman of Nissan, Katsuji Kawamata san. In New York he had the musical […] More

  • MB 100

    Mercedes-Benz MB 100 D: Rarer than a fat AMG

    Mercedes is of course famous for many classics. But when was the last time you saw a Mercedes-Benz MB 100 D? And that while whole masses of vans are used as campers or food trucks? The MB 100s were available from 1988 to 1995 as the smallest commercial vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. They were […] More

  • Dickholmer

    VW Beetle from 1957-1964. The Dickholmer

    In the August 2019 edition of Auto Motor Klassiek we paid attention to Richard van der Bijl, his Siku collection and especially his VW 1200 Export. His 1964 Beetle, newly delivered and personalized today, is a Dickholmer. Fans and connoisseurs know that it is the last Beetle […] More

  • Rover P5B Coupé

    Rover P5B Coupé. Pioneer position

    Today, name a car within the exclusive 4-door coupé segment and the first thing that comes to mind is the Mercedes-Benz CLS, a BMW 6 Gran Coupé or the Audi A7. The niche market has been around for some time, to be precise from 1962, when the Rover P5B Coupé introduced. It may well be one of the most beautiful cars ever built. That is why we are pleased that Bart Spijker was happy to participate in a report. Because he has the Rover P5B Coupé. Right, the one with the famous and extremely strong Rover V8 engine. It was an impressive experience, accompanied by special stories. More

  • Citroën HY continues to inspire

    Citroën HY continues to inspire

    The local fries farmer used to do with his Citroën HY the round. That was a holiday. Much later I heard that the deep-fat fryer earned quite a bit by selling jenever – there were no more exotic spirits at that time – from under the serving tray. Cheers! Real entrepreneurs see their opportunities. Citroën HY: In […] More


    Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray - 1963-67

    The iconic Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, with its unique styling, is without a doubt one of the most iconic classics in the history of the automotive design universe. The Sting Ray, a thornback ray, British sports cars were immensely popular in the United States. And the Americans thought that they could also use a revenue model […] More

  • Datsun Z

    Datsun Z

    An affordable, reliable sports car with looks and comfort, which is easy to use every day; that was the starting point with which Datsun/Nissan wanted to tap into a new market in the XNUMXs. Nissan had already kicked off with the Fairlady, a sports car with water-cooled six-cylinder engines under the name Datsun debuted: the Datsun Z. Photos: archive […] More

  • Driving impression SAAB 99 GL 5 Speed. Enchantment, originality and independence

    SAAB 99 GL 5 Speed. Drive with a smile.

    In November 1967 SAAB introduced the 99. It was revolutionary in design in a socially turbulent time, and would serve for a quarter of a century as the basis for the heart of the SAAB program. Today, the base of the 99 still looks modern in some respects, and he combines that qualification with […] More

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