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  • wrecks

    Épaves, so wrecks. Or are they estimating?

    Épaves, wrecks. Originally as a term from the shipping world, but for us classic enthusiasts now with much more emotional charge. In France, all kinds of forgotten and abandoned cars and motorcycles are also covered by the term. And on the Internet you can get completely lost in that wonderful world of rusty oblivion. In France, most have been carelessly abandoned […] More

  • Verkeerd afgelopen

    Finds in Slovakia: Verkeerd Afgelopen ?

    Finds or verkeerd afgelopen ? Lubo Hrivnak - the Slovak who has noticed that classic Jawas are cheaper here than in their former homeland - sent a few photos of 'away from him'. Do you think this is a spark or is it verkeerd afgelopen? We immediately took a shovel ourselves and [...] More

  • in

    Verkeerd afgelopen in Portugal

    Verkeerd afgelopen in Portugal. Portugal and Spain are not known as ultimate locations for classics. But exceptions prove the rule. “A few years ago, a retired American bought a farm with a barn, the doors of which were welded shut. He was the only applicant and bought the farm for an apple […] More

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