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    Reading is fun – Mercedes-Benz 320A

    Phillip Kerr was born in 1956 and has since died of cancer. He was the creator of 12 Bernie Gunther books. They take place between the thirties and the sixties. In Germany from the beginning of the Third Reich to the post-war event, with many ex-Nazis simply reintegrating into society Read more

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    Head-and-butt cars

    I could not have imagined it still happened. But in a hall, where an acquaintance of mine had rented some square meters, I saw a 'head-and-butt car' in the making. An 'straightening bench' had been made on the ground with a few heavy profile beams. And on that, the blue front half of a 2015'er Jaguar XF was comfortably close to a white rear of such a Jag. Read more

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    Universals. Passion for technology. And the future

    Recently we were in Zaandam for a job. Afterwards we passed a garage where a few classic cars were behind glass on the first floor. We parked the car safely under a no parking sign, gently walked past some electric Randstad cars and entered Autovink, a real, classic universal garage. Read more

  • Mercedes 220

    Mercedes 220

    My father drove very early in company cars. After an Opel Olympia and an Opel Rekord there was a Simca 1500. Then a Simca 1501 Special Break. Read more

  • Mercedes-Benz V8

    Mercedes-Benz V8

    Twelve cylinders are for exotics. But V8 engines are the standard when it comes to Groot & Sterk. Mercdes-Benz has of course become famous for the indestructible and tractor slow 200D models. But those were taxis and cars for the better kind of representatives. Mercedes showed its muscles with the Mercedes-Benz V8. Read more

  • Mercedes 280 SE Coupe 1963

    Mercedes 220 SE Coupé 1963. A symbol of wealth

    This peak of elegance came into its own on the old market square in the Boniface city of Dokkum. Where this 280 Mercedes 1963 SE Coupé immediately got a lot of interest. As classic enthusiasts, we recognize that enthusiasm from pure interest. For the sake of completeness it says 'Fräulein', but the seductive lines are all proof.  Read more

  • Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 Pininfarina

    Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 Pininfarina. UNIQUE!

    There was once a very renowned, now deceased Dutch entrepreneur whose name still nobody knows. But that's being worked on! That entrepreneur decided that he wanted to drive Mercedes-Benz. Before that, he abandoned his preference for Rolls-Royces. He liked the Mercedes, but he found a 300 SEL 6.3 a bit boring Read more

  • Mercedes-Benz 500SEC side front

    Mercedes-Benz 500SEC at winter-sale Old-timer farm

    It is a beautiful period, gifts, fun and – which you may not think of one, two, three – attractive discounts from the various specialists in classics. The latest edition of AMK is full of them. Unfortunately, the correct advertisement from the Belgian classic specialist Oldtimerfarm was missing. Because they keep their winter sale from Read more

  • Mercedes 560 SEL

    Mercedes 560 SEL, mild deviation

    The love for vintage cars sometimes takes you back to automotive history. This Mercedes 560 SEL is from 1986. According to the owner, it would have been a diplomatic car and owned by the Russian embassy. We found this top version – on the red carpet – in Leeuwarden. Unfortunately the photo is a bit blurry. Read more

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