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Head-and-butt cars

I couldn't have imagined it was still happening. But in a hall, where an acquaintance of mine had rented some square meters, I saw a 'head and butt car' in the making. A 'straight bench' had been made on the ground with a few heavy profile beams. And the blue front half of a 2015 Jaguar XF stood comfortably close to a white rear of a Jag.
Mercedes-Benz V8

Mercedes-Benz V8

Twelve cylinders are for exotics. But V8 engines are the standard when it comes to Groot & Sterk. Mercdes-Benz has of course become famous for the indestructible and tractor slow 200D models. But those were taxis and cars for the better kind of representatives. Mercedes showed its muscles with the Mercedes-Benz V8.
Mercedes 280 SE Coupe 1963

Mercedes 220 SE Coupé 1963. A symbol of wealth

This peak of elegance came into its own on the old market square in the Boniface city of Dokkum. Where this 280 Mercedes 1963 SE Coupé immediately got a lot of interest. As classic enthusiasts, we recognize that enthusiasm from pure interest. For the sake of completeness it says 'Fräulein', but the seductive lines are all proof.