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    Monica, a personal ad

    The Monica V8 was a project by Jean Tastevin, a graduate engineer from the École Centrale de Paris. He thought it was a shame that no luxury fast cars were made in France. The Monicas were produced between 1972 and 1974 in the commune of Balbigny in the Loire department. About 40 were made, of which there seem to be six left worldwide. At the time, the Monica 560 V8 was considered by many car enthusiasts to be a beautiful French supercar and the natural successor to the earlier famous Facel Vega HK500 V8 GT. Smaller V8s were also used in F1 race cars. And therein lies our link. More

  • Monica, by Martin

    Monica, by Martin

    Monica, by Martin. In other words: whoever keeps what has what. Recently, the Martin-Monica engine blocks number two and four have surfaced. Ordinary. Here in the Netherlands. The engine blocks were once thought for F1 racing. Monica was intended to put France back in the top segment of automotive construction. The Martin engines knew quite a bit More

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    Monica and Ted Martin's V8

    Monica and Ted Martin. Does that sound like a happy couple or not? Well: “sort of...” Monica was a very luxurious brand from France. The last French attempt after the Facel Vega to bring France back to the automotive top. Jean Tastevin was the brain behind the car. And the name More